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DSI Bone Cutting & Shaping Burs and Lindemann Drills

DSI bone cutting and shaping burs and drills are specially developed for efficient and precise cutting and shaping of bone structure and for the removal of unwanted granulation tissue. All of the burs and drills give astonishing results in bone manipulation treatments, surgical procedures, and implantation. Those drills and burs can be used for any surgical case that needs bone shaping. These burs are perfect for both a single crown restoration and multi-restoration such as all-on-4 and all-on-6 full denture restorations. Thanks to the impeccable quality of the raw materials and the extensively accurate production of the burs, they have become the number one choice for predictable and long-lasting highest aesthetic results.

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DSI bone cutting and shaping burs and drills can be used for osteotomy, apicoectomy, cystectomy, hemicolectomy, and pre-prosthetic Surgery. They provide excellent precision and perfect balance for leveling and shaping the bone structure.

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DSI bone cutting and shaping burs and drills include a wide selection of tools. DSI Lindman drills are strong, durable, and have advanced design features. They cover a range of applications from everyday dental surgery to implantology, traumatology as well as pre-maxillofacial surgery. DSI Lindman drills are made of tungsten carbide and specially adapted for aggressive cutting of the bone structure. The drill's special shape ensures the most efficient cutting of hard bone tissues. DSI bone-cutting burs are made with diamond grit exposed above the metal layer, which not only prevents the grit from coming off in pieces but also proves to be much more durable. DSI gold burs are combining the features of a stainless steel high-quality shank and unique all-over gold nanoparticle coating.

Cutting and shaping burs:

RTB50: Ø5.0mm, L 38mm
RB38: Ø3.8mm, L 30mm
EB38: Ø3.5mm, L 38mm
DRB38: Ø3.8mm, L 32mm
FRB50: Ø5.0mm, L 37mm
SB50: Ø5.0mm, L37mm
DTB48: Ø4.8mm, L35mm

Lindemann drills:

LD1520, LD2226: latch-type, Ø1.5-2.0mm, 2.2-2.6mm, L 29mm
LD161, LD162: friction grip, Ø1.6mm, L 25mm

All the drills are made of stainless steel and are autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Highest-quality raw materials combined with uncompromised production technology
• 24K nanoparticle gold coating
• Exceptional accuracy
• Unmatched durability and long lifespan of the bur
• Special design for the perfect aesthetic results
• Universal latch-type shank and friction grip
• High efficiency
• Unique cutting angles of the blade
• Safe drills and widely used
• Known for their strength and durability
• Advanced design solutions
• Suitable for a variety of surgical procedures

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