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DSI Drivers For Internal Hex

DSI drivers for internal hex implants are incredibly useful and will certainly come in handy in any dental clinic. Every practitioner knows that in order to get good results you need good tools. DSI drivers are not just good, they are the best. Most of all the DSI Universal All-In-One Driver. The DSI Universal Driver is an essential tool for modern dentistry, providing a secure and tight grip to keep implants and prosthetics from falling during operations. What sets it apart from other drivers is its innovative design, which not only allows you to work with implants and prosthetics as one unit but also features an incredibly strong grip. Plus, the driver comes with a full set of components that are compatible with motors (latch-type) or ratchets and can be used manually.

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The ratchet drivers could be connected to any ratchet, adapter, and extender that supports a square Ø4.0mm or a hexagon Ø6.35mm connection. All of these are essential tools in any dental clinic and are used for an extensive majority of implantation and surgical operation cases. All of the drivers and instruments are made of the finest quality stainless steel.

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DSI drivers for internal hex are available in two options. Ratchet compatible for handwork and motor mount compatible for automatic work. Both ratchet and motor mount are available in the regular or narrow platform and have different lengths for selection. The motor mount drivers could be used with most of the surgical motors that support latch-type connections.

Utilizing the DSI Universal driver will be incredibly beneficial in operations that involve both implant and prosthetic manipulation. It eliminates any need to switch drivers, allowing you to maintain consistency when inserting cover screws and healing caps. As a result, treatment time is significantly reduced and both practitioner and patient benefit from its convenience. For those with a need for reliable prosthetic manipulation, the DSI Universal Driver is the ideal solution. With its powerful micro ni-ti springs, this incredible tool ensures that components remain firmly in place regardless of their weight. This means that even two-piece stainless steel transfers can be confidently moved around without fear of them slipping or falling away. The driver really does make a big difference to your daily routine.

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All the instruments are made of stainless steel and are autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Made of the finest quality stainless steel.
• Processed on the best CNC machines.
• Each driver is tested to the strictest requirements.
• Ratchet drivers with a square Ø4.0mm or a hexagon Ø6.35mm connection.
• Enables to work with implants and prosthetics as one.
• Comes as a set and is compatible with ratchets, and motors (latch-type), and can be used manually.
• Standard autoclave sterilization is applied.
• Features an incredible grip and holds the prosthetic/implant tight.
• Has micro ni-ti springs that give an outstanding grip
• Gradually reduces the chair time.
• No need to constantly change the drivers.
• Very comfortable and convenient to use.

UN-RDK: universal driver kit that includes the universal driver, ratchet adapter (hexagonal by default but can be changed for a square per request) and a manual adapter.
RDS2010, RDS2015:
ratchet driver for narrow implant Ø2.0mm L 10, 15mm
MM2020, MM2028: motor mount driver for narrow implant Ø2.0mm L 22, 28mm
RDK24070, RDK24100, RDK24150: rachet driver for regular implant Ø2.42mm L 7, 10, 15mm
MM24220, MM24028: motor mount driver for regular implant Ø2.42mm L 22, 28mm
HD: hand driver long handle implant Ø2.42mm

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