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Ratchet Wrenches

DSI Ratchet Wrenches are unique tools that are designed for maximum precision and control during the procedure. DSI Ratchet Wrenches are excellent for the installation and removal of implants (including one-piece implants), for installation and the removal of healing caps, all sorts of abutments, attachments, etc. DSI Ratchet Wrenches can be used with any driver that has a hexagon connection of Ø6.35mm. DSI Ratchet Wrenches retain the best quality. They are extremely durable and accurate instruments. The wrenches manufacturing is done with the strictest quality control possible, every ratchet is hand-checked until the quality is established to be sufficient. All is done just in order to deliver only the best instrument to you.

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DSI Ratchet Wrenches are essential during immediate loading implantation when higher torque is very important. Depending on the ratchet the torque that is used could be selected from 10-100Ncm.

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DSI Ratchet Wrenches feature different options. There is a regular wrench ratchet which is considered to be the most popular and can be used for a large assortment of different cases. But if you need something more you can select the torque ratchet that has a large external spring that ensures a constant, non-changing spring force level over a long period of time. This ratchet will greatly perform in cases where the torque is at the forefront.

SR: regular ratchet wrench Ø6.35mm
1000201, 1000202: torque ratchet Ø6.35mm (torque 10-35, 10-45Ncm)
torque ratchet Ø6.35mm torque 25-100Ncm

All the instruments are made of stainles steel and are autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Made of the finest quality stainless steel.
• Processed on the best CNC machines.
• Excellent for the installation and removal of implants, healing caps, abutments, attachments, etc.
• Compatible with most major internal-hex systems, such as Alpha-Bio, A.B, ZIMMER, Adin, Cortex, Implant Direct, MIS, and more.
• Extremely durable and accurate instruments.
• Depending on the ratchet the torque that is used could be selected from 10-100Ncm.

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