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Additional Drills

Providing a comprehensive selection of tools to complete all facets of the surgical drilling process, DSI Additional Drills are crafted with precision and include marking drills, lance drills, drill extenders, trephine drills, tissue punches, smart drills, and countersink drills. Each specialized drill has been designed with the most intricate needs in mind. DSI Additional Drills provide the necessary tools for drilling operations. Constructed from top-notch materials, they are just as durable as all other DSI drills and instruments. Autoclaving makes them suitable to be used over and over again. These valuable tools can reliably meet a wide range of drilling needs in a great range of surgical operations.

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DSI Additional Drills are necessary instruments in any dental office. Not only are they required for a wide variety of implantation and surgical operations, but they have also been crafted with utmost precision from superior stainless steel to ensure long-term use. These tools provide excellent outcomes and remarkable durability for all procedures.

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DSI Additional Drills are useful to perform various functions during a dental surgical procedure. Marking and lance drills are used to create the initial socket prior to continuing with any further drilling. Countersink drills are then applied in order to increase the size of the socket, particularly in areas of high bone density, such as those found in the crestal zone.

Additionally, trephine drills can be utilized for either removing a flawed implant or harvesting tissue biopsies. DSI tissue punches provide an effective way to eliminate soft tissue while at the same time reducing postoperative discomfort for patients. The DSI Smart Drills are designed especially for optimal implant placement, but can also serve as a trephine drill when needed.

All the drills are made of stainless steel and are autoclavable at a temperature of 134° C.


• Easy to use
• Essential instruments
• Corrosion-resistant and durable tools
• Performing flawless surgeries
• Made of the highest quality surgical stainless steel
• Manufactured on the latest generation high precision CNC machines
• Have laser markings in the most popular sizes of implants.
• Used in vast implantation and surgical operation cases
• Extremely practical

LD120, LD150: lance drill Ø1.2, 1.5mm
PD190: marking drill Ø1.9mm
TDE: drill extender
CD375, CD500: countersink drill Ø3.75-4.2mm, 5.0-6.0mm
TB200, TB300, TB400, TB500: Ø2.0-3.0mm, 3.0-4.0mm, 4.0-5.0mm, 5.0-6.0mm
TP30, TP40, TP45, TP50: Ø3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0mm
DR300, DR320, DR360, DR400, DR420: smart drills Ø2.8, 3.2, 3.6, 4.0, 4.2mm

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