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Zygomatic Implant

DSI Zygomatic implants are a perfect surgical solution for immediate loading protocols. They are designed to provide a solution for cases of the atrophic bone maxilla. DSI Zygomatic implants have an internal hex connection for easy and predictable restoration. A smooth polished implant body guarantees easy insertion, while sharp aggressive threads at the apical part secure retention to the zygomatic bone. The placement of zygomatic implants requires adequate training and surgical experience. This is a choice of top-end surgeons when other solutions are impractical or unacceptable due to the bone and health conditions of the patient. DSI zygomatic implants are extremely durable and can last a lifetime if taken care of and avoid infection.

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DSI Zygomatic implant is a very effective choice for the management of the atrophic edentulous maxilla as well as for maxillectomy defects. The main advantage of the zygomatic implant is the benefit of Immediate function including fewer clinical visits and a less invasive intervention compared to grafting procedures.

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DSI Zygomatic implants are high-level improved implants, which combine all the latest technologies and developments in the industry. They deliver great aesthetic results, with a high level of stability and predictability. All DSI implants undergo the strictest quality control measures. DSI assures that a high percentage of samples are taken from every batch. Each sample passes a very strict set of tests of cleanliness and conformity. Thus providing minimal rejections afterward. All of the products attend to the highest international standards. All DSI Implants implants are made of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V ELI, in accordance with ASTM-F136-02

RBM surface treatment:

Resorbable blast media (RBM) treatment is a process that utilizes high-speed particle blasting biocompatible calcium phosphate materials. It differentiates from traditional grit-blasting abrasives in that the implant's surface is not exposed to alumina or silicon carbide materials. In the resorbable blast material method, the excessive use of acids for particle debris removal is no longer necessary as it does not penetrate deep into the titanium surface while still delivering homogenous micro and macro porosity for the optimal implant surface topography both at cellular and protein levels. This method provides a much cleaner textured finish absent of any contaminants typically associated with other grit-blasting elements.

When installing DSI Zygomatic Implants, it is essential to have a specially designed surgical kit, such as the DSI Zygo Kit which is compact and yet convenient and comprehensive. In addition, a premium multi-unit M1.4 line is suggested due to the 52 and 60 angles designed specifically for ptero/zygo implants.


• RBM surface treatment for better osseointegration and reduced bacterial migration.
• High-stability restorations
• Fast Insertion and excellent primary stability
• Designed for simplicity in treatment with great aesthetic results
• Developed and improved with an accordance of the practical needs of dental surgeons worldwide.
• Intended for immediate loading protocol
• Designed for the extramaxillary approach.
• Available in lengths from 30mm to 60mm with 2.5mm increments.
• 2.42mm internal hex.
• Smooth body to reduce periopathogens adherence.
• Deep threads for excellent stability in the zygomatic bone.

DSZ3042, DSZ3242, DSZ3542, DSZ3742, DSZ4042, DSZ4242, DSZ4542, DSZ4742, DSZ5042, DSZ5242, DSZ5542, DSZ5742, DSZ6042:
ØD - 4.2mm, ØD1 - 3.5mm, L (30-60mm increments of 2.5mm)

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