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DSI NiTi Peri-implantitis Cleaning Brush

DSI Peri-Implantitis Cleaning Brush is made for the open flap debridement of the implant surfaces in bone defects caused by peri-implantitis. It is constructed of a stainless steel shaft with titanium bristles on top. This genuine design allows you to clean the implant surface and eliminate the source of peri-implantitis. It is a state-of-the-art, rotating titanium instrument. This brush is very effective for the debridement of implant threads and its flexible stem is designed for better access to narrow cavities. This unique tool is not only easy and intuitive to use, but it is also one of the best ways to clean the implant's surroundings and remove the source of peri-implantitis.

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DSI cleaning brush enables you to gently yet very effectively clean the implant’s surface of unwanted debridement while maintaining the implant's integrity intact without damaging it. The brush reduces the overall chair time and increases the patient's comfort. With the DSI NiTi implant cleaning brush, you will be able to remove the source of the peri-implantitis without surgical interference.

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Sadly, even the highest quality dental implants are not without their potential pitfalls. One such issue is that of peri-implantitis; a condition that can occur around the implant and harm the adjacent tissue, leading to swelling and eventually a weakening of the bone structure. This is why DSI developed DSI NiTi Debridement Cleaning Brush. This cleaning brush provides an efficient and intuitive way to clean around the implant and remove any sources of peri-implantitis. It has made treating this issue much simpler than before.

DSI NiTi implant cleaning bruh includes several options to select from. There is a regular brush which is the most popular one and is used in most cases. There is a magnum brush that has a larger surface area and the nano brush with a thin point tip for more delicate cleaning. All of the brushes are made with exquisite quality materials by strict regulations. Optimal working speed 300-1000 rpm – Torque 50 Ncm. Non-sterile must be sterilized in an autoclave before use. RA Type - For low speed. By eliminating the surgery stage you get the best results both for you and for your patient. This approach excludes postoperative complications and unnecessary long healing treatments.


• Minimum heat generation, low vibrancy, controlled and precise work with confidence.
• RA connection.
• Designed to deliver the most predictable results.
• Incredibly safe for the patient.
• Minimum vibration during rotation.
• Produced using only the best materials and last-generation machinery equipment.
• Made for accuracy, excellent performance, and durability.
• Advanced mechanical cleaning of the infected implant surface.
• Helps with Peri-implantitis treatment.
• Cleans the infected implant surface, while creating a new polished one.
• It creates a greater width for biological adhesion of soft tissue and organic obstruction in the implant platform.
• The titanium filaments are strong and resistant enough, to effectively polish a rough implant surface.
• Removing the infective material without creating filings.
• If the implant is already uncovered due to the decline of tissue, smoothing the rough surface allows for easier oral hygiene control.

ICB-1. ICB-2, ICB-3: Cleaning brush, nano size, regular size and wide size.

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