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Prophy Paste Mint

DSI Prophy Paste is used to remove stains that a regular toothbrush and toothpaste cannot remove completely. DSI Prophy Paste contains unique particles that help polish the teeth' surface. It also smoothes the teeth surface making it difficult for bacteria to cling to it, and causing decay and caries. DSI Prophylaxis Paste is a highly effective abrasive paste designed for polishing and fluoridating teeth after scaling. The mechanical action produces a smooth surface while preserving the integrity of the enamel. It is also used for polishing fillings and removal of tobacco & food stains.

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DSI Prophy Paste features a splatter-free formula which designed to deliver fast and clean results. It gives the patient's teeth better and more aesthetically pleasing looks. DSI Prophy Paste is ideal for cleaning coffee and tobacco stains, tartar, and plaque. DSI Prophylaxis paste is available in mint flavor. It gives a fresh and pleasant feeling and relieves the patient from the irritation caused by the mechanical action of scaling.

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DSI Prophy Paste successfully removes tobacco, tea, and coffee stains, removes bacterial toxins, freshens breath, and gives an attractive, brilliant smile. The unique formula contains only natural flavors and does not splatter. The paste is quickly and completely washed off without residue.

DSI Prophy Paste provides excellent cleaning and polishing results with minimal abrasion to enamel and dentin. The prophylactic paste effectively yet gently removes stains, plaque, and tartar, providing a brilliant polish, and providing patients with smooth and shiny natural-looking teeth.

The prophylaxis paste can be used for:

• Polishing teeth after scaling
• Removal of tartar and stains


• Oil-free formulation
• Fluoride release
• Splatter free
• Excellent stain removal
• Optimal cleaning results
• Efficient and gentle polishing
• Easy to wash
• No visible enamel wear
• Great mint fresh flavor

PPASTE-FM: jar of 75g of prophylaxis paste mint

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