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Caries are the most common teeth disease in the world. 99% of the world's population have caries, one way or another at some point in their life. As of today, caries is treatable with ease and if spotted early will never cause serious damage to the tooth. And this is the main difficulty that can occur with caries. Sometimes it can be problematic to identify caries lesions fully, especially at the very early stages of development. Unfortunately, visual and tactile identification is not enough and cannot be 100% reliable. That is why the best way to find caries is to use a special dye. DSI Cindicator is made for caries detection in hard-to-reach areas, and "had to see places". With DSI Cindicator you will always detect caries.

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DSI Cindicator allows easy identification of carious dentine and demineralized dentine. The caries lesions will be colored dark green and will be easy to spot. And you do not have to worry about making any mistakes as the DSI Cindicator does not dye healthy dentine and enamel, and dyes caries in under 10 seconds.

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DSI Cindicator helps to identify and remove the infected layer of dentine while preserving the inner dentine and keeping it untouched. DSI Cindicator is an excellent caries-revealing solution. It keeps the patient's teeth healthy and minimizes complications.

It is an essential part of conservative treatments. DSI Cindicator helps treat the caries-infected areas and leaves the uninfected, protecting the vitality of the pulp and conserving maximum amount of healthy tissue.


• Detects caries with great accuracy
• The dark green color provides a strong contrast with dentin and the pulp
• Economical dropper bottle
• Colors only infected areas, leaving the healthy untouched.
• Detects caries in hard-to-see places.
• The propylene glycol base formula is more accurate than the water-based.

CINDICATOR: Caries indicator liquid 5ml bottle dark green color

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