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Sense-X Bio Remineralizing Gel

DSI SENSEX-BIO Remineralizing gel is a special material designed specifically to protect, preserve, and strengthen the enamel of the teeth. The gel is based on our new technology and is enriched with bioglass to deliver outstanding results. The gel helps to prevent and reduce tooth sensitivity and at the same time enriches the enamel surface with essential minerals such as; fluoride and calcium. This is an excellent solution for those who are concerned about teeth whitening procedures that can potentially damage the enamel. Also can be used for "deep scaling" plaque removal procedures. The remineralization gel strengthens the enamel and protects the surface of the tooth.

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DSI remineralizing gel can be used as an addition to a prophylactic procedure for anyone who is interested in strengthening their teeth, but its main application leans towards the treatment of enamel after teeth whitening/bleaching procedures. The gel comes in the original packaging as a "pencil/brush" which gives maximum comfort during treatment, without the need to mix or use any additional tools. It is easy and simple to use and saves precious chair time.

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Remineralizing gel plays an essential role in teeth whitening treatment. This is due to the bleaching process which involves peroxide, thereby causing the tubules of the tooth enamel to "open". Through this, a bleaching agent can reach deep within the dentin layer and dissolve stains. However, after bleaching is complete it is important that tooth enamel is hardened and its tubules closed to help protect it from further damage. Saliva usually hardens this surface over time but not fast enough for optimal results - thus remineralizing gel with calcium and fluoride comes into play. It accelerates the whole process, giving an extra boost.

DSI SENSEX-BIO has yet another advantage except the obvious, that the gel is designed to soften reduce sensitivity, and protect the enamel. Because of the addition of the bioglass, the gel can provide a solution for sealing the grooves that can form in the tooth.


• Reduce sensitivity after whitening procedures
• For prophylactic treatment
• Strengthen the enamel
• Sealing grooves


• Designed to protect, preserve, and strengthen the enamel
• Based on our new technology - enriched with bioglass
• Reduces tooth sensitivity
• Enriches the enamel surface with essential minerals such as; fluoride and calcium
• Great addition to a prophylactic procedure
• Original packaging as a "pencil/brush"  for easy and simple
• Saves precious chair time
• Maximum comfort during treatment
• Can be used by the patient at home after teeth whitening procedures.

SENSE-XBIO: Remineralizing Gel With Bioglass 2ml brush

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