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DSI UniLite Endo

The color of a patient's teeth can be indicative of poor dental health or from outdated materials and medications, as well as blood breakdown in the canal. All of these can lead to discoloration of the teeth and poor aesthetic results. Common bleaching efforts that seek to disguise this issue from the outside are usually not enough to make them look healthy again. In order to completely resolve the issue there is a need for endodontic bleaching is used which works by treating the internal structure of the tooth. This is why choosing the right material is essential and should be considered carefully. DSI Unilite Endo is the right material as it is a simple and effective solution for endodontically treated, discolored teeth.

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The specially formulated bleaching material contains 60% Carbamide Peroxide, allowing for a pulp chamber whitening effect in just 3-5 days. DSI Unilite Endo provides an economical, aesthetic solution to discolored teeth at an affordable price. Comes in a conveniently pre-filled syringe, requiring very little preparation or chair time.

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The gel is applied directly into the pulp chamber, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting whitening effect. Once DSI Unilite Endo gel is delivered to the pulp chamber, it should be sealed with temporary cement and left in the tooth for three to five days.

DSI Unilite Endo gel is an exceptional option for those wanting to lighten the appearance of endodontically treated teeth. This powerful product contains 60% hydrogen peroxide and works from within the discolored tooth to break down molecules and reveal a brighter appearance. Perfect aesthetics can be achieved in no time and it is cost-effective and time-saving solution as well.

Can be used for:
• After root canal procedures endo
• Internal tooth discoloration caused by the disease
• Internal blood stains as a result of tooth injury
• Teeth color shift after medical treatment


• Simple and effective solution
• Specially formulated bleaching material
• Contains 60% Carbamide Peroxide
• Whitening effect in just 3-5 days
• Provides an economical, aesthetic solution to discolored teeth at an affordable price
• Comes in a conveniently pre-filled syringe
• Cost-effective and time-saving solution

UL-ENDO, UL-ENDO2: Unilite endo 1 syringe of 1.5g, or 2 syringes of 1.5g each

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