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UniLite Block-Out Resin

DSI Unilite Block-Out resin is an extraordinary material that is made especially for forming whitening custom trays. DSI Unilite Block-Out resin is perfect for creating reservoir space in whitening trays. You can also use it in the lab for spacing or undercut block out, die preps, and filling voids and chips in prepared models. DSI Unilite Block-Out features the ideal viscosity. It can be placed on a model and it will not slump, it will not be runny or too liquid it will stay in one place. It gradually improves the work on the model and allows convenient and easy manipulation. Working with models from now on will be simple, any model can be rotated in any direction, and impeccable whitening trays could be created.

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Due to its unique formula, DSI UniLite Block can fill up the voids and cracks that can occur in the laboratory model. It is used for laboratory procedures such as model-blocking undercuts, filling cracks, and more. Being a light cure material it can be cured very fast which will save you time and money.

Product Details

DSI Unilite Block-Out resin is a viscous resin material that is mostly used for creating reservoir space in bleaching trays. The gel viscosity and the blue color allow you easy and precise delivery.

DSI Unilite Block-Out resin comes in a single syringe, which means you do not need to mix it or do any other manipulations, it is a ready-to-use material. It is light cure material and it is not intended for an intraoral use.


• Single component material blocks out defects and undercuts on the model quickly, precisely and securely.
• Simple application.
• perfect for creating reservoir space for whitening trays.
• Blocking out undercuts.
• For laboratory mock-up and models.
• Easy to remove.
• Light cured

UL-BLO: DSI UniLite Block Out Resin 5 syringes 2g each + 10 tips

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