endo obturation materials

Root Canal Filling Materials and Techniques: DSI offers a comprehensive line of advanced filling materials and sealers.

A resin-based sealing and filling material for the root canal. It seals even the most complex canals.

Two-component root canal sealer with a resin-based formula and excellent radiopacity.

DSI ApexSil CAL is a MTA and calcium hydroxide-based bioceramic material designed for sealing root canals.

ApexSil Silver is a novel filling system for root canals that combines two products in one.

Hydraulic bioceramic material for repair and vital pulp therapy. Used for a wide range of indications.

Resin-based endo sealer. Combines the proven advantages of MTA with superior obturation.

Automix Sealer based on biologically compatible resin with MTA added to formulation.

Zinc Oxide Eugenol root canal sealant with antibacterial and non-inflammatory properties.

DSI UniLite Core is a dual-cured, premium quality material with outstanding physical properties.

A convenient premixed ready-to-use injectable bioceramic for permanent obturation of the canal.

Resin-based sealer in paste-paste form for tight seal of the apex and the prepared root canal.

Gutta-percha solvent material, used for the re-treatment of the root canal and softening gp points

Root Canal Castable Pins support fillings and crowns when a part of the tooth is missing.

This root canal sealer, based on a non-resorbable zinc oxide-Eugenol formula, has been ingeniously developed for root canal treatments.

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