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DSI Remta Paste is an MTA-based root canal filling material. DSI Remta is a biocompatible paste used for a large variety of root canal operations. It is an excellent material for repairing root perforations, apexification, root-end filling, root resorption, and pulp capping. DSI Remta Paste incorporates excellent quality, unique properties, and convenient use. DSI Remta Paste guarantees a complete and quality filling of the entire root canal. DSI Remta Paste creates a seal and prevents micro-infiltration. The MTA paste releases free calcium ions, for the healing process acceleration. DSI Remta is an optimal endodontic sealer due to its outstanding physicochemical and bioactive properties.

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The high content of calcium ions in DSI Remta remineralizes the tooth tissue. The silicon and calcium compounds support tissue regeneration after wall perforation and intracanal resorption. DSI Remta features an excellent bactericidal effect, high biocompatibility, low solubility, and high mechanical strength.

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DSI Remta Paste has a fairly fast enough setting time, it is a cost-effective material and keeps exceptional plasticity for more than 10 minutes. DSI Remta Paste allows precise application without the use of special instruments. DSI Remta Paste forms hydroxyapatite crystals when in contact with tissue synthetic fluid. This can act as a nidus for the formation of calcified structures after the use of this material in endodontic treatments.

DSI Remta Paste is used for creating apical plugs during apexification, repairing root perforations during root canal therapy, and treating internal root resorption. DSI Remta Paste is best used for:

• Perforation repairs
• Apexification
• Root-end filling
• Obturation
• Tooth fracture repair
• Regenerative procedures
• Apexogenesis
• Pulpotomies
• As a pulp-capping material


• Facilitate the penetration of calcium ions to the demineralized tissue.
• The increased sealing process improves the strength of the restoration.
• The homogeneous composition of the material reduces the setting time.
• Excellent material for repairing root perforations.
• Creates a strong seal and prevents micro-infiltration.
• Releases free calcium ions, for the healing process acceleration.

DSMTA-P12: DSI Remta Paste - 7.2g Base + 4.2g Catalyst

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