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ApexSil Cal

DSI ApexSil CAL is a bioceramic material designed for sealing root canals. This MTA and calcium hydroxide-based substance has been formulated to combine the proven efficiency of MTA with the advantages of calcium hydroxide. Not only does it provide superior biocompatibility, allowing for faster tissue healing, but it also contains no eugenol and features very high radiopacity. As such, DSI ApexSil CAL is an ideal choice for sealing root canals permanently and protecting them from re-infection post-endodontic treatment.

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DSI ApexSil CAL displays excellent flowability which ensures that the root canals are properly sealed with the help of MTA. In addition, calcium hydroxide in ApexSil CAL releases calcium ions that contribute to faster healing and better overall health of the tooth.

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DSI ApexSil CAL offers impressive working and setting times which is an excellent choice for endodontic fillings and sealing of the root canals. Despite the fact that ApexSil CAL is a permanent material it can be easily removed using citrus oils or chloroform solvents when the need arises.

DSI ApexSil Cal is an excellent endodontic sealer, indicated for the treatment of perforations, root resorption, apical plugs, and pulp capping. The material has an adequate working time of 23 minutes, and a setting time of 30 minutes allowing the root canal filling to be performed calmly. The material sets only in contact with moisture which means it will never set on the mixing pads. DSI ApexSil Cal is one of the most radiopaque endodontic sealers on the market. It is designed to provide high flowability and a low film thickness for easy penetration of lateral and accessory canals. The combination of MTA and calcium hydroxide entitles this material to both antimicrobial and biocompatibility outstanding properties.


• Permanent root canal sealing.
• Treatment of perforations
• Root resorption
• Apical plugs
• Pulp capping
• Suitable for use in conjunction with all obturation techniques involving gutta-percha.


• Highly radiopaque
• Outstanding dimensional stability and low solubility for a sturdy, safe seal
• Easy removal
• Suitable for permanent filling and sealing of the root canal using gutta-percha, silver, and metal points.
• Excellent sealing ability
• Great stability over time
• Low shrinkage
• Ideal working times
• Combines the proven effectiveness of MTA and the benefits of calcium hydroxide

ASIL-CAL: DSI ApexSil Cal Base 12.5g + Catalyst 7.5g + mixing pads

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