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DSI ApexCream

DSI ApexCream EDTA 18% Endodontic Cream is a colorless, low-viscosity cream formulated with urea peroxide for use in root canal cleaning and preparation. Its disodium edetate makes tissue softening and mechanical drainage of the root canal simpler by absorbing calcium from the root canal. The surfactants contained in ApexCream make insertion into the root canal easier and help reduce the risk of damage or breakage. DSI ApexCream EDTA 18% can be beneficial for several reasons such as expanding the root canal, removing the smear layer, chelating dentin, and eliminating calcified blockages. Overall, it is one of the most effective solutions available for performing chemo-mechanical rinsing in endodontics.

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DSI ApexCream is made with special formula for the easy filling and removal of inorganic substances by chelation producing clean and smooth walls of the root canal making it ready for endodontic treatment. DSI ApexCream comes in a jar or a prefilled syringe for easy and convenient use.

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A crucial component of endodontics is the removal of the smear layer from the root canal wall. This layer is formed during instrumentation and consists of dentinal tubules, liquid from irritants, and tissue debris. For this purpose, DSI ApexCream is used to bind calcium and remove it from the canal.

DSI ApexCream is especially recommended for:
• Root canal debris removal.
• Smear layer elimination.
• Dissolution of pulp remnants.
• Canal walls lubrication to facilitate movements of canal instruments.
• Microbicidal root canal treatment.
• Clearance of dentin tubules and apical area.


• Color-less, low viscosity cream
• Root canal cleaner with a unique formulation of glycol and urea peroxide
• Excellent chelation removes the inorganic compound
• Lubrication provides easy instrument handling when the root canal is shaped
• Tooth-colored pigment produces no pigmentation
• Perfect removal is possible after the application
• The low viscosity of the creamy type provides high flowability and easy spraying into the root canal

ACREAM20: DSI ApexCream in jar 20g
DSI ApexCream in syringe 6g x 2pcs

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