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DSI ApexFile Gold

DSI ApexFile Gold has a universal simplicity and tapered shape that you can trust in endodontic procedures. Manufactured using a proprietary injection molding process, DSI ApexFile Gold rotary files provide greater flexibility and processing efficiency than ever before. You can appreciate all the benefits of advanced metallurgy that come into play with the DSI ApexFile Gold. These rotary files have perfect geometry and increased flexibility. This is especially important when using finishing files in the processing of complex curves in the apical region of the root canal. DSI ApexFile Gold provides a superior combination of quality and performance, offering excellent efficiency, safety, and reliability.

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DSI ApexFile Gold can be used regardless of the shape of the root canal. Increased apical taper for better root canal preparation. The rounded guiding tip minimizes the possibility of channel deviation. It is very easy to remember the application order because it is color coded. Can be used with a contra-angle motor for endodontic procedures.

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DSI ApexFile Gold is a simple and cost-effective solution that features a unique shape memory NiTi alloy coated with gold. Visibly advanced metallurgy creates a difference you can see and feel. DSI ApexFile Gold rotary files feature exact geometries as an increase in flexibility. This is especially important when navigating challenging curves in the apical region. The DSI ApexFile Gold system is easy to use, it is consistent and predictable.

DSI ApexFile Gold Shaping Files pre-enlarge canals and are designed to be used with the same familiar outstroke brushing technique. DSI ApexFile Gold Finishing Files provide trusted deep shapes that promote 3D cleaning and filling root canal systems. Convex triangular cross-section and progressive taper enhance cutting action while decreasing rotational friction between the blade of the file and dentin. The non-cutting tip design allows each instrument to safely follow the secured portion of the canal while the small flat area on the tip enhances its ability to find its way through soft tissue and debris. DSI ApexFile Gold files are brilliant instruments and a perfect choice for root canal treatment procedures.


• New generation material 18k gold coated NiTi
• Improved shapes – structurally appropriate for predictable cleaning, confit, and obturation
• High fracture resistance and long-lasting shaping ability
• Ideal for a wide range of canal morphologies
• Preserves the original shape of the root canal system
• Compatible with your existing reciprocating handpieces and settings
• Consistent, easy to use, predictable, and safe

AFGOLD-19SX: shaping files SX - 19mm
AFGOLD-21S1, AFGOLD-25S1: shaping files S1 - 21, 25mm
AFGOLD-21S2, AFGOLD-25S2: shaping files S2 - 21, 25mm
AFGOLD-21F1, AFGOLD-25F1: finishing files F1 - 21, 25mm
AFGOLD-21F2, AFGOLD-25F2: finishing files F2 - 21, 25mm
AFGOLD-21F3, AFGOLD-25F3: finishing files F3 - 21, 25mm
AFGOLD21SX-F3, AFGOLD25SX-F3, AFGOLD31SX-F3: assorted files of SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, F3 - 21, 25 and 31mm

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