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DSI ReMTA One is a perfect material for root canal filling. It comes as a paste-type root canal sealer and has excellent physical and biological properties. DSI ReMTA One material delivered as a premixed and preloaded solution inside the syringe that allows direct application of the sealer into the root canal without messy powder/liquid mixing. DSI ReMTA has outstanding flowability characteristics which makes it possible to fill the root canal system including accessory and lateral canals. It is a eugenol-free formula and will not obstruct adhesion inside the root canal. DSI ReMTA One is a perfect solution for canal filling and root perforation repair. It effectively prevents periapical tissue irritation as well as a secondary infection.

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DSI ReMTA One is a premixed ready-to-use, injectable bioceramic cement paste developed for permanent root canal filling and sealing applications. ReMTA One is based on a calcium silicate composition, which requires the presence of water to set and harden. DSI ReMTA One offers better stability than calcium hydroxide, providing an antibacterial effect.

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DSI ReMTA One delivers better tissue recovery and limits the inflammatory response to give better and more stable results. DSI ReMTA One is eugenol free and will not interfere with adhesive procedures inside the root canal. furthermore, it does not cause discoloration of the tooth structure.

ReMTA One is a convenient premixed ready-to-use injectable bioactive paste developed for permanent obturation of the root canal. ReMTA One does not shrink during setting and demonstrates excellent physical properties. Easy and effective technique. Stable material in premixed syringe. Biocompatible calcium aluminosilicate, Eugenol-free, Resin-free. Natural material - no color change.


• An easy and effective technique
• Stable material in the premixed syringe
• Biocompatible calcium aluminosilicate, Eugenol-free, Resin-free
• Natural material - no color change
• Simple to use - one syringe without need to mix.
• Nanosealing - micro-particles with an excellent bonding to dentin and gutta-percha and zero shrinkage
• High pH - alkaline environment adding the antibacterial features, calcium hydroxide is generated during setting
• Excellent radiopacity

DSMTA-ONE: DSI ReMTA One premixed in syringe 2g

DSMTA-RC: MTA One RC BioCeramic Sealing Material 2g

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