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DSI Zoer Root

DSI Zoer Root is the ideal solution for dental professionals searching for a temporary root canal sealer. This product, based on Grossman's formula, provides a strong and reliable filling without causing discomfort or harm to the patient. It could withstand high condensation forces, which makes it the perfect lining material and temporary restorative. Mixing the powder and liquid combination is effortless and convenient, while zinc oxide offers powerful antimicrobial properties for infection prevention. DSI Zoer Root creates a safe and effective long-term filling that is both dependable and easy to use. DSI Zoer Root Canal Sealant is a reliable option for those searching for an effective root canal sealing solution.

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DSI Zoer Root Canal Sealant is an antibacterial, non-inflammatory sealant for filling dental root canals. It can be used as a root canal sealer or as a base or lining under restorative materials amalgam, silicate, silicophosphate, and glass ionomer. Known for its antimicrobial properties, helping to prevent potential infections.

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DSI Zoer Root is the first-choice material in an extensive range of procedures from temporary root filling to the complicated multiple infected root treatment. DSI Zoer Root comprises a non-irritating technique that fits the dental restoration resolutions in across-the-board varieties. It has exceptional flowability and fills the lateral canals together with the dentine tubules.

The superior quality of DSI Zoer Root makes it an ideal choice for root canal sealers. It can be easily manipulated inside the root canal, promoting accuracy and precision when filling the canal.


• Antiseptic and non-inflammatory
• Based on Grossman's formula
• Brilliant physical properties for enduring restorations
• Low polymerization shrinkage
• Outstanding sealing ability

ZOER-ROOT: zoer root cement - Powder 25gr Liquid 8ml

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