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The DSI ReMTA Plus Sealer is a powerful root canal material designed to provide an immediate seal and promote healing. This resin-based solution incorporates biologically active ingredients to strengthen and protect the root canal space. DSI ReMTA Plus provides many unique benefits for canal treatment that make it an ideal material. Its composition encourages calcium ion release, which then prompts mineralized tissue growth. Furthermore, it is simple to orient and seal in place due to its mechanical and physical properties. On top of that, its biological characteristics and high pH create a safe environment while guaranteeing successful treatments. It is an excellent material for repairing root perforations, apexification, root-end filling, root resorption, and pulp capping.

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DSI DSI ReMTA Plus offers incomparable quality with its special properties and ease of use. Specifically, this endodontic sealer is able to achieve a full and high-quality filling of the root canal, creating a barrier against micro-infiltration. Additionally, its superb physical, chemical, and bioactive characteristics make it the optimal choice for endodontic sealing.

Product Details

DSI ReMTA Plus is a cost-effective material that provides exceptional plasticity and adequate working and setting times. The automix syringe allows for precise application, eliminating the need for special instruments or messy mixing. Additionally, it possesses excellent biocompatibility, low solubility, high bacterial effect, and strong mechanical strength.

DSI Remta Paste is best used for:

• Perforation repairs
• Apexification
• Root-end filling
• Obturation
• Tooth fracture repair
• Regenerative procedures
• Apexogenesis
• Pulpotomies
• As a pulp-capping material

Working time - 30 minutes and Setting time: 120 minutes - allows adequate time for endodontists and general practitioners


• Facilitate the penetration of calcium ions to the demineralized tissue.
• The increased sealing process improves the strength of the restoration.
• Excellent material for repairing root perforations.
• Creates a strong seal and prevents micro-infiltration.
• Releases free calcium ions, for the healing process acceleration.
• High radiopacity
• Low expansion during setting
• Low solubility in contact with tissue fluids
• Optimal flow characteristics for insertion
• Does not stain the tooth
• Eugenol-free material - does not interfere with the setting of resin cement
• Easy removal - removed with DSI GuttaSoft or chloroform solvents
• Automix syringe - easy to use no need for hand mixing

DSMTA-AM: ReMTA PLUS Sealer 4g automix syringe

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