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DSI Apex Paste Iodoform

DSI ApexPaste is an effective material for temporary root canal filling, containing calcium hydroxide and iodoform. DSI ApexPaste is characterized by excellent radiopacity and antibacterial properties. This premixed paste can be used in endodontics for apexification procedures as well as the treatment of periodontic endo trauma, pulp regeneration, and pulpitis on permanent or underdeveloped teeth. The high concentration of iodoform provides a long-lasting antibacterial effect that also aids in the regeneration of the pulp while stimulating secondary dentin formation. Pre-mixed Calcium hydroxide ApexPaste containing iodoform has better-quality radiopacity and antimicrobial effect.

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DSI Apexpaste is a mixture of iodoform 40.4%, calcium hydroxide 30.3%, and silicone 22.4% which has proven to have a useful effect for pulpectomy treatments in primary teeth. This paste can be extruded into furcal or apical areas, and it is either diffused away or resorbed partially by macrophages.

Product Details

Apexpaste with iodoform is used as a root canal filling material for pulpectomy treatment for primary teeth resorbed extravascularly and intravascularly without apparent ill effects and became clinically and radio-graphically successful. It is a premixed calcium hydroxide paste containing iodoform used as a temporary or permanent root canal filling material after pulpectomy.

Conveniently packaged in a 3g syringe with Luer-slip needle tips included, DSI ApexPaste ensures ease of delivery into the canal. Iodoform pastes have better resorbability and disinfectant properties. Apexpaste iodoform is known to have some antimicrobial action and is easily resorbed when inadvertently forced past the dental apex.

Can be used for:
• For direct & indirect pulp capping and pulpotomy.
• Apexification and hard tissue formations.
• Momentary or long-lasting filling material for an infected root canal.
• Treatment of root resorption.
• Acid protection when applying the etch procedure.
• Flawless cavity liner under all filling materials.


• Non-hardening paste with an oil base
• Sustained discharge of calcium hydroxide assists in creating secondary dentine
• Excellent biocompatibility without having toxic effects on the cell
• Resorption of the filling material is regarded as one of the requirements for the best root-canal medicament for pulpectomies of primary teeth
• Easy handling and straightforward application
• Best for an infected root canal and vital pulpotomies in deciduous teeth
• It can be utilized jointly with gutta-percha points and regular root canal sealants
• Outstanding accessibility to apex, plunger type placement
• High radiopacity
• Exceptional antibacterial and bacteriostatic properties
• Promotes apexification and apexogenesis

APEX-I-3G : DSI ApexPaste with iodoform in 3g syringe
DSI ApexPaste with iodoform in 3g syringe X2

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