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DSI ReMTA Root Canal Repair

DSI ReMTA is a hydraulic bioceramic material specifically designed for repair and vital pulp therapy. It is the ideal solution for restoring and filling defects, offering outstanding results and a reliable healing response that dentists trust. The packaging has been improved to reduce waste, with convenient 0.5-gram pouches and corresponding mixing liquid for single-patient use. DSI ReMTA's fine hydrophilic particles set in the presence of water, effectively sealing off paths between the root canal system and surrounding tissues. This significantly reduces bacterial migration and ensures a natural setting even in the presence of moisture, making it superior to other alternatives on the market.

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DSI ReMTA is a novel bioceramic material developed for dental treatments. It is ideally suited for essential pulp therapies and repair work, such as the restoration of posterior root apexes, sealing of root canal perforations, and insulation of underlying pulp tissues. DSI ReMTA can be relied upon for providing predictable outcomes during any root repair performance.

Product Details

DSI ReMTA is a reliable solution for demanding working conditions, offering both plasticity and durability. The flexibility of this material makes complicated application tools unnecessary, allowing precise control over its usage. Additionally, the calcium ions help to remineralize any tooth tissue while silicon and calcium compounds aid in tissue regeneration processes such as wall perforation and intracanal resorption.

The DSI ReMTA system stands apart from its competitors with its impressive range of advantages. Not only is it incredibly effective at killing bacteria, but also offers exceptionally high levels of biocompatibility and strength. Furthermore, due to the nanotechnology applied in its production, the particles used in the rebuild are much tinier than those utilized by other MTA materials presently available on the market. All this is complemented by supreme durability and flexible plasticity for long-lasting results.

DSI ReMTA could be used for:

• Treatment of root canal perforations
• Furcation caused iatrogenically or by caries lesion
• Via canal treatment of root perforation due to internal resorption
• Surgical treatment of root perforation
• Periapical surgery with reverse filling
• Pulp Capping
• Pulpotomy
• Apexogenesis
• Apexification

Use the guide to define the ratio of powder to liquid to obtain the consistency desired.

Examples of the use of a thin consistency include root resorption, apexification, and apical plug.
Use a thick consistency for pulp capping, pulp chamber perforation, and pulpotomy.
A putty consistency is delivered by a spatula and can be used for the root end filling.

Whatever consistency you need, you can be sure that ReMTA will be the solution - effective and easy to deliver accurately.


• Provides predictable results and expected healing response.
• Packaging reduces waste with convenient 0.5-gram pouches.
• Made of fine hydrophilic particles that set in the presence of water
• Seals off pathways between the root canal system and surrounding tissues, significantly reducing bacterial migration.
• Offers exceptionally high levels of biocompatibility and strength.
• Has a special plasticizer component that allows the material to remain pliable even after 10 minutes

DSMTA: DSI Remta 10 individual sachets of 0.5gram of powder and 3ml liquid

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