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DSI Nerf-X

The dental pulp can become inflamed when it is left untreated, such as with caries, trauma, or several restorations. Pulpitis is the term used to describe this condition and its primary manifestation is in the form of pain. To diagnose pulpitis, clinical examination, x-rays, and pulp vitality tests must be compiled. After the diagnosis has been approved there is a need for hasty treatment. Nerf-X is a dental pulp devitalization paste for treating pulpitis, which is caused by infectious bacteria that is the second development of caries. It is used as an additional devitalizing medicine for the secondary treatment, of teeth and root canals. Also works great as pain relief and is proven in the case of pulp inflammation.

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Ideal for both pulp devitalization before extraction and residual devitalization after the non-vital tissue has been removed. In addition, it serves as an effective anesthetic due to its inclusion of paraformaldehyde for quick mummification of the pulp. Not to mention, it works well with camphor and para-chlorophenol because of their potent antiseptic abilities.

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Nerf-X is a medication that has been widely utilized in dentistry for its antiseptic characteristics during root canal therapy. Its pain relief capabilities make this substance an added beneficial choice as a secondary treatment on teeth and canals, as well as being highly regarded in the area of pulp inflammation. This makes Nerf-X an effective product within the field of dental care.

Rather than directly applied to the nerve, this paste could be inserted into a socket in the pulp and then covered with a specialized material. This compound is perfect for infiltrating root canals and providing anesthesia. An ideal choice for previous devitalization of the pulp before mortal extirpation, as well as residual devitalization following removal of the non-vital pulp tissue.


• Highly potent, yet an arsenic-free paste
• Effortless pulp devitalization owing to the presence of lidocaine
• Pulp devitalization is complete after 3-4 days
• It works well with camphor and para chlorophenol due to their antiseptic properties
• Allows indirect application (without direct contact with the pulp)
• Trouble-free pulp revitalization
• Nontoxic pulp revitalization
• Sustained effect
• Efficient pulp necrosis without the use of arsenic
• Applicable for dentistry and pedodontics
• It doesn't stain the teeth

NERF-X: DSI Nerf-X Pulp Devitalization Paste 3g In Syringe

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