endo treatment materials

Root canal treatment - a dental procedure that replaces a damaged or infected pulp of the teeth with a root filling. Aims to prevent the spreading of the infection or tooth / bone loss.

Calcium hydroxide paste with iodoform for temporary or permanent filling after pulpectomy.

Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2 Intracanal dressing paste. Radiopaque. Highly alkaline. Non drying.

Light-cured, resin-modified, Tricalcium-filled, Hydroxiapatite-reinforced ultimate liner.

18% EDTA Root Canal Prep low-viscosity cream for irrigation and chemo-mechanical preparation.

A convenient premixed ready-to-use injectable bioceramic for permanent obturation of the canal.

A bleaching gel formulated specifically to whiten endodontically treated discoloured teeth.

A non-arsenic paste - a gentle yet highly effective approach to dental pulp devitalization.

Being cooler than ice, it quickly cools the cotton pellet to under -50°C (-58°F) for nerve reaction.

Arsenic free, extra pure zinc powder for temporary dressings in combination with eugenol solution.

The system is designed to shape root canals in a reciprocating motion. Safe and efficient.

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