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DSI Zinc Oxide Powder

DSI Zinc Oxide Powder is a versatile product that is commonly used in dentistry on a daily basis. It is a chemically pure material with increased effectiveness that can be used as a root canal sealer, temporary dressing, or ideal cavity liner under most restorative materials. When mixed with eugenol it creates a smooth paste with a sufficient compressive strength that makes it an optimal choice for dental applications. This paste can also be utilized for temporary fillings and indirect pulp capping. It is an extra fine, odorless white color powder with a very long shelf life. With its increased effectiveness and ease of use, Zinc Oxide Powder offers superior properties that are designed to give your patients the best possible results.

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Zinc oxide is a chemically pure, arsenic-free material popular for its fine quality as the best grade is used. It is used as a temporary filling material to be used in conjunction with Eugenol. It is recommended for making pastes, especially with eugenol. Used for the temporary filling of cavities and root canals.

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DSI Zinc Oxide Powder is the ideal material for creating temporary dressings. When combined with eugenol, it can be used as an indirect pulp capping or as part of a temporary cementing procedure. It can be used as a root canal temporary filling material and as a temporary cement for crowns and bridges.

This powder has been crafted to be compatible with both hard and soft tissues. DSI Zinc Oxide Powder has a very mild effect on the pulp and imparts a sedative quality. As a mixture, Zinc oxide and Eugenol create a paste commonly known as temporary dental dressing.


• Can be used as a root canal sealer
• Ideal cavity liner under most restorative materials
• Offers superior properties
• Extra fine.
• Arsenic-free.
• Makes a smooth paste with eugenol.
• Provides sufficient compressive strength.
• Forms a sedative dressing or lining under non-composite resin.

DS-ZOX80: DSI Zinc Oxide Powder 80g Jar

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