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DSI Formocresol

DSI Formocresol is an agent commonly used in pediatric dental practices for a pulpotomy, which is similar to a root canal in adults. This is the classic choice for the treatment of a primary tooth pulpotomy. This medicament is a go-to treatment option when dealing with primary teeth issues. Formacresol pediatric pulp therapy represents an important tool for preserving arch integrity and saving teeth that may otherwise be extracted. Its primary objective is to retain these teeth, thus providing children with a healthy set of permanent teeth. A milder alternative than traditional arsenic paste, this disinfecting agent is commonly used in pediatric dentistry as it is highly effective for root canals and vital pulpotomy due to its strong antibacterial activity.

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DSI Formocresol is an effective way to treat painful inflammation of tooth pulp. Its devitalizing properties make it a great choice for secondary treatment on teeth and root canals, providing significant pain relief. It serves as an extraordinary devitalizing medicine that is proven to help ease symptoms.

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DSI Formacresol is a useful anesthetic, making it excellent for pulp devitalization purposes prior to root canal therapy. It can also be used for residual devitalization once non-vital pulp tissue has been removed. DSI Formacresol is a widely accepted treatment option for dealing with highly inflamed pulps in symptom-free primary molars. This remedy has the main objective of protecting the root canal system, relieving pain and inflammation, and preserving the tooth in its entirety.

DSI Formocresol is remarkably effective for root canal procedures due to its unique properties. This substance includes an aldehyde group, which allows it to form bonds with the side groups of amino acids found in both bacteria and other pulp tissue. As a result, it has both bactericidal and mummifying effects on the target tissues, converting them into inert compounds that are unable to cause any further damage. DSI Formocresol helps eradicate infection while also stopping it from returning.


• Extremely effective pulp devitilizer
• Powerful disinfectant
• Root canal dressing
• Milk teeth pulp preparation
• It does not influence physiological root resorption of primary tooth
• Has strong antibacterial properties

CRESOL: DSI Formocresol 15ml liquid in a bottle
CRESOL30: DSI Formocresol 30ml liquid in a bottle

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