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DSI GuttaSoft

DSI GuttaSoft is the perfect choice for endodontic root canal treatment. Unlike traditional chloroform-based products, GuttaSoft is non-hazardous, non-carcinogenic, and based on natural substances. It does not cause irritation to the oral mucosa. It is an economical solution as it allows for efficient use of the material. With its disinfectant properties, DSI Guttasoft provides a reliable and safe option for root canal treatments. After immersion in this solvent over different time intervals, gutta-percha softens and becomes malleable for necessary condensation. DSI GuttaSoft solvent makes the surface of the point softer, though it is better to adjust towards the contour of the root canal. As such, DSI GuttaSoft provides a great option for successful endodontic retreatment.

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DSI GuttaSoft is a solvent that can be used for the re-treatment of root canals. It is not based on chloroform, making it safer to use than other solvents. This material softens gutta-percha points easily, leading to gentler root canal fillings with better isolation.

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Gutta-percha has been one of the most preferred materials for obturation techniques and it continues to prove its worth in many ways; from its capacity to conform to the inner surface of the canal during lateral condensation methods, down to its usability in primary gutta-percha correction procedures. DSI GuttaSoft has proven to be an effective solution for reshaping root canal contours after the completion of a procedure.

Flawless marginal fit and accurate root canal anatomy regeneration are realized without the need of heat treatment. DSI Guttasoft is non-toxic and non-irritanting to oral mucosa, as it is not based on chloroform. The solution is safe for both dentist and the patient. Superior softening potency ensures economical use of the material, fast procedures and favorable results.


• Softens Gutta Percha allowing better canal fill and condensation.
• Outstanding radiopacity.
• Long life cycle and freshness guaranteed.
• Appropriate for vertical and lateral condensation.
• Retreatment after root canal filling by gutta-percha concentration.
• It is a top-notch disinfectant for endodontic tools similar to K-files or reamers.
• Non-hazardous/non-carcinogenic-different from chloroform / trichloroethylene.
• Less volatile unlike chloroform/trichloroethylene-based materials.
• Built on natural ingredients - does not cause any irritation to oral mucosa and periapical tissue.
• Vaporization of solvent is less owing to low volatility.

GUTTASOFT: 10ml guttasoft liquid in a bottle

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