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DSI Camphenol

Camphorated Phenol is an active sanitizer used for cavity sanitation and for root canal treatment. Because of its oil viscosity, Camphor Phenol remains active for several hours. CPK is a blend of 27% 4-chlorophenols, 71% racemic camphor and 1.6% levomenthol. Cpk is internationally known as Camphorated Phenol. (Cpk) Products and was introduced to dentistry at the beginning of the 20th century. Camphorated phenols are active antiseptics and good disinfectants for root canals. They have advanced antibacterial, antiseptic and disinfectant prospects in comparison with other disinfectants or phenol.

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Made of 25% Phenol and 75% Camphor, Camphorated phenol, is often recognized as DSI CPK, is undoubtedly a highly potent active antiseptic for the treatment of infected root canals & periapical infections.

PHENOL : DSI Camphenol 15ml

CPK has been shown to be highly effective against E. faecalis. The often described antibacterial effect of CPK is dependent on its capability to destroy the bacteria membrane by binding. The disinfection of the root canal is followed by intracanal medication. DSI CPK is made of 25% Phenol and 75% Camphor. For external use only on root canals. Works with antibacterial treatment and antiseptic. Eradicates microorganisms and bacteria, making the insides of canal inert. Stop or control of post-treatment pain, the goal is to reduce or change the inflammatory response to boost anesthesia. Control of tenacious P.A abscess (weeping canal)


  • Effective germicide and fungicide
  • Nonirritating to PA tissues
  • Steady in solution
  • Should have an antibacterial effect for a lengthy period
  • Full of life in the presence of blood, serum and proteinaceous derivatives
  • Low surface tension
  • Should not upset the repair of P.A tissues
  • Should not stain the tooth
  • Сapable of inactivation in a culture medium
  • Should not prompt cell-mediated response
  • Cleansing after pulpectomy and pulp dressing
  • Treatment of post-traumatic inflammation
  • Decontaminations from the root canal
  • Treatment of post-traumatic soreness
  • Pulp dressing
  • For the momentary relief of pain and itching concerning cold sores and fever blisters, first aid to avert infection

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