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DSI Camphenol

DSI Camphenol is produced from a combination of 25% Phenol and 75% Camphor, also referred to as DSI CPK. This is an incredibly effective antiseptic that has been used to treat infected root canals & periapical infections. DSI Camphenol boasts powerful properties, this solution has become popular due to its efficacy. DSI Camphenol is a powerful sanitizing agent for use in cavity sanitation and root canal treatment. With its unique oil-like viscosity, DSI Camphenol retains effectiveness for extended periods of time. When compared to other disinfectants, DSI Camphenol has the advantage of acting as a powerful antiseptic and excellent disinfectant for root canals.

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DSI Camphenol is a specialized antiseptic, which many around the world refer to as Camphorated Phenol. It contains 27% of 4-chlorophenols, 71% racemic camphor, and 1.6% levomenthol. Camphenol is often used as a topical antiseptic for treating traumatic and acute pulpitis cases prior to endodontic procedures. This liquid can provide long-term relief from the inflammation associated with pulpitis when utilized correctly.

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Research has demonstrated that DSI Camphenol is a powerful agent in the fight against E. faecalis. Its antibacterial action is attributed to its ability to adhere to and break down the bacterial membrane, thus disabling it. In this way, it can actively work against the microbe's presence.

DSI Camphenol Uses:

• Disinfection of the root canal is followed by intracanal medication.
• For external use only on root canals. Works with antibacterial treatment and antiseptic.
• Eradicates microorganisms and bacteria, making the insides of the canal inert.
• Control of tenacious P.A abscess (weeping canal).
• Cleansing after pulpectomy and pulp dressing.
• Treatment of post-traumatic inflammation and soreness.
• Pulp dressing.
• For the momentary relief of pain and itching concerning cold sores and fever blisters. First aid to avert infection.


• Effective germicide and fungicide.
• Nonirritating to PA tissues.
• Steady in solution.
• Have an antibacterial effect for a lengthy period.
• Low surface tension.

PHENOL: DSI Camphenol 15ml liquid in a bottle

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