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DSI EDTA Solution

To ensure the ultimate success of endodontic therapy, it is essential to have a clear root canal system. One way to achieve this is with the utilization of DSI EDTA Solution at 17%. This chemical solution specializes in providing a clean environment and preparing root canals for further instrumentation by removing the smear layer. It also assists in eliminating debris and rinsing. In essence, DSI EDTA 17% is invaluable in achieving complete chemo-mechanical root canal preparation. DSI EDTA solution has been specially formulated with surface-active compounds to create a foaming effect that helps to penetrate quickly into deep dental pulp, canals, and micro-canals as well as lower the surface tension.

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DSI EDTA Solution 17% is an effective blend of sodium and potassium salts (17%), with strong germicidal effects. It has been proven to have great efficacy in softening the root canal, breaking down calcium deposits, and facilitating their removal. With its water-based composition, it is easy to apply in affected areas, as well as wash away when done.

Product Details

EDTA 17% Solution is specially prepared with a reduced pH value, providing the best results. This product removes calcium deposits that line the sides of canals, making it simpler to use files and reamers for enlargement and shaping.

DSI EDTA 17% Solution Is Best For:

• Works as a final flushing solution during root-canal preparation
• Opens calcified canals
• Prevents canal blockage
• Provides a clean environment
• Enlarges canals
• Removes smear layer


• Preparing the root canals.
• Removes the smear layer.
• Eliminates debris and rinses the canals.
• Easy and effective penetration into root canals.
• Lower surface tension.
• Break down calcium deposits.
• Creates a foaming effect that helps to penetrate quickly into the deep dental pulp.
• Reduced pH concentration.
• Easy to apply in affected areas and wash away when finished.

EDTA15: DSI EDTA 17%, Liquid 15ml
DSI EDTA 17%, Liquid 100ml
DSI EDTA 17%, Liquid 250ml
DSI EDTA 17%, Liquid 500ml

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