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Chlorhexidine is highly valued for its antiseptic qualities. Endodontics, periodontology, surgery, and general dentistry have all incorporated this substance as part of their standard procedures. DSI Chlor-Ex is an effective antiseptic liquid that can be used for sterilizing the root canal system due to its active ingredient, chlorhexidine bigluconate (2%). This solution has remarkable properties in terms of its antiseptic activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as its power to inhibit anaerobic flora within the root canals. It maintains its effectiveness even in intraoral conditions. When used for medication on a prepared tooth cavity, DSI Chlor-Ex does not weaken the adhesion of any filling material to tooth tissues.

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DSI Chlor-EX, otherwise known as Chlorhexidine gluconate, is an essential component of any infection prevention initiative. This solution can be used to cleanse impacted mucosa and infected root canals for the purpose of disinfection. Additionally, DSI Chlor-EX may be used for rinsing to further reduce risks of infection.

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DSI Chlor-EX is an exceptional disinfectant that offers fast and effective protection against a wide range of microorganisms, especially those usually found intraorally. This superior product binds with tissues to ensure extended antibacterial activity. Whether it be for preoperative preparation, sanitizing the mouth, or root canals during surgery.

DSI Chlor-EX can be used as:

• A part of surgical and endodontic disinfection procedures.
• Root canal surface disinfection prior to sensitive root treatment. Before the crown cementation or luting cement application by the direct restorative placement.
• It minimizes post-operational sensitivity.
• As a highly effective mouth rinse when diluted.
• Applied the prophylaxis brush to remove the cement residues and disinfect.


• Mild formula for Patient comfort.
• Effective antiseptic liquid.
• Does not contain dye, which could stain fabrics or tooth surfaces.
• Preoperative preparation.
• Highly-effective wetting agent for bonding - demonstrates increased bond strength.
• Fast Acting and Persistent Antimicrobial Action.
• Eliminates pathogens rapidly.
• 2% CHG less irritating formula.

CHLOR-EX: DSI Chlor-Ex 100ml bottle
DSI Chlor-Ex 250ml bottle

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