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Hemostatic Powder

DSI Hemostatic Powder is a reliable antiseptic dental hemostatic material that proves to be effective in preventing surface bleeding. It can be applied for a wide range of medical purposes, especially when surgical operations are conducted on tooth sockets and periodontal pockets. Additionally, the hemostatic powder is beneficial in the process of leveling alveolar processes and in podology treatments as well. DSI Hemostatic Powder is an excellent styptic material that can be easily applied to any bleeding mucosa surface. This fine powder contains a natural polysaccharide that quickly turns into a gel upon contact with blood. Additionally, this product is completely non-toxic and can be combined with medications such as antibiotics or antiseptics.

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When it comes to minor bleeding, DSI Hemostatic Powder is one of the most dependable local hemostatics available. Its unique formula offers an advantage that ensures blemish-free results on both teeth and soft tissues, making it a great choice for aesthetic operations. This powder quickly and effectively stops bleeding, giving you peace of mind during any procedure.

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DSI Hemostatic Powder is the ideal choice for medical professionals seeking a reliable method for stopping bleeding. This powder-type formula means that it adheres to the wound area and will smudge or spread, making it very efficient in controlling severe blood loss.

Additionally, its convenience and easy application make it a go-to solution when time is of the essence. With its fast action and simple functionality, DSI Hemostatic Powder proves itself as an essential tool against minor bleeding.


• Biocompatible, easy to use, and fast-acting.
• Stabilizing bleeding quickly.
• No side effects such as irritation, tingling, or itching.
• Providing fast and efficient relief from minor bleeding.
• Stain-free result on teeth and soft tissues.
• Non-toxic
• Can be combined with antibiotics or antiseptics.

HSTAT-S: DSI Hemostatic Powder 7g

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