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Sense-X Desensitizer

Teeth hypersensitivity is one of the main factors that have a great negative impact on a patient's day-to-day life. It can happen for a variety of different reasons, but the results are often the same. Acute extremely unpleasant, pulsating pain that passes into the head. DSI Sense-X is an effective solution for numerous dentinal sensitivity issues, including exposure of the dentin in the cervical area from bleaching, scaling, or root planning and beneath restorations. Not only is it biocompatible, but it also eliminates potential gum irritants such as glutaraldehyde or methacrylates. Upon application of this product, results will be noticed rapidly and maintained long-term without negatively affecting adhesives.

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DSI Sense-X is an all-purpose desensitizer that effectively eliminates post-operative sensitivity, with predictable results. can be used in composite restorations, under temporary crowns and bridges, and roots. DSI Sense-X is completely biocompatible and does not irritate the soft tissue or the gums. The results are instantaneous and long-lasting.

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Unlike similar materials that could be found on the market, DSI Sense-X is a ready-to-use solution. It can be used right away and does not need mixing, light curing, or multiple applications. Your patients will feel immediate relief and all you have to do is spill a couple of drops. DSI Sense-X is distinguished to avert a variety of sensitivity difficulties, such as cervical sensitivity, before/after bleaching, scaling or root planning, and underneath restorations. It is a truly universal material and can be used for numerous applications.

As a universal desensitizer, it does not interfere with adhesives and other restoration materials. Thanks to that it can be used under crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays, veneers, and temporary restorations. DSI Sense-X is able to penetrate exposed dentinal tubules up to 200 μm. This leads to the formation of multilayered protein walls which prevent an osmotic fluid exchange with the internal tubules. It is very effective against bacteria, and it forms a hermetic seal that prevents bacterial return.


• Insulates unposed dentine
• Fluoride alleviates thermal sensitivity
• Compatible with all amalgams, cement, and composites
• No need for mixing or light-curing
• Prevents post-operative sensitivity
• Cost-effective
• Universally compatible
• Safe & effective tubule sealing
• Instantaneous and long-lasting effect
• Biocompatible
• Easy and simple to use
• Fast action composition and quick sealing of tubules.
• Inhibits bacteria growth due to quick action.
• Cures hypersensitivity caused by open tubules microleakage and technique sensitivity.
• Stops pain caused by hot or cold or sweet/spicy food
• One-step chairside solution
• Ideal for use under all indirect restorations

SENSE-X: 15ml sense-x solution

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