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DSI Calcium-Hx

DSI Calcium-HX is a versatile dental material. When blended with deionized water or saline, it becomes a paste suitable for a variety of applications in dentistry. It can be used as the dressing during apexification procedures, as a pulp capping material direct and indirect, and even as the underlying base liner for dental restorations. When it comes to restorative dental treatments, DSI Calcium-HX powder stands out with its mix of highly dispersed extra pure calcium hydroxide, hydrophilic filler, and radiopaque additives. This mixture is renowned for its disinfecting properties as well as stopping bone resorption and stimulating regenerative processes in the surrounding periapical tissues.

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DSI Calcium-HX is a highly acclaimed product especially when it comes to apexification procedures in endodontics. It also has its uses in treating chronic periodontitis and aiding the regeneration of injured pulp or pulpitis found on both permanent and underdeveloped teeth. Its powder form is an effective anti-endotoxin agent and its an influence on microbial biofilms.

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DSI Calcium-HX is a highly valued product when dealing with issues such as root perforations and fractures or root resorption. It is also an important element in traumatology treatments, like after tooth avulsion or luxation injuries. The reason behind this is that its high calcium hydroxide structure creates an alkaline environment which not only produces a long-lasting antibacterial effect but also heightens pulp regeneration and encourages new secondary dentin production.

DSI Calcium-HX is best for:

• Cavity liner for deep caries; stimulates the sedimentation of secondary dentine.
• Medical lining material for permanent fillings.
• Temporary antiseptic intra-canal bandage.
• Regeneration of the injured or inflamed pulp at different forms of pulpitis (injured, sharp, chronic fibrosis).
• Thermal insulation.


• Perfect for temporary root filling.
• Good for Pulp capping.
• Pulp protection.
• Offers insulation in deep cavities.
• Provides bactericidal relation to carious dentine.
• Paste dropped at root apex delivers pulp insulation.
• Protects the vital pulp from infections and further decay.
• Can be taken off readily from the root canal by simple irrigation.

CALCIUM-HX: DSI Calcium-HX Powder 10g
DSI Calcium-HX Powder 25g

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