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Hemostatic Gel

When it comes to the success of dental treatment, controlling bleeding is critical. With this in mind, DSI Hemostatic Gel is an ideal choice for a fast-acting and effective hemostatic material. It has been proven to provide comprehensive hemostasis with minimal tissue disruption. DSI Hemostatic Gel is a thixotropic, non-dripping solution composed of 25% buffered aluminum chloride. Its ability to stop bleeding lies in how aluminum chloride directly interacts with proteins contained in the blood. The gel is injected from the syringe directly into the subgingival space, so there is no loss of material on the glass or mixing block. Applied to a cut or wound, the gel effectively and quickly stops bleeding, allowing you to continue the procedure and reducing the risk of infection.

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When performing any restorative dental procedure, DSI Hemostatic Gel is the perfect choice for efficient and effective hemostasis. This gel form is highly malleable, allowing you to apply it with precision directly over areas of hemorrhage, ensuring that maximum concentration levels are obtained at the source.

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DSI Hemostatic Gel is a highly useful local hemostatic agent, delivering prompt and successful respite from insignificant bleeding. It is great for gingival retraction procedures when the impression is taken. Its exclusive formulation brings about an edge that guarantees a stain-free outcome when applied to teeth and soft tissue, rendering it the ideal choice for aesthetically-focused operations.

This solution effectively stops any unwanted hemorrhaging without leading to coagulum or leaving any residues, thereby allowing an unobstructed view of the working area during extensive procedures like resection, preparation, gingival retraction, and retrograde filling. Consequently, DSI Hemostatic Gel is an excellent local hemostatic agent that can rapidly cease uncontrolled bleeding.


• Allows you to achieve the fastest and most lasting hemostasis in comparison with other hemostatic materials.
• Biocompatible, easy to use, and fast-acting.
• Stabilizing bleeding quickly.
• Convenient use - ready to use in a preloaded syringe.
• 25% aluminum chloride solution.
• Perfect for gingival retraction, stain free.
• Sanitizes to prevent infection.
• No side effects such as irritation, tingling, or itching.
• Providing fast and efficient relief from minor bleeding.
• Viscous consistency - does not leak off from the treated area.

HSTAT-G: DSI Hemostatic Gel in syringe 3ml + 5 tips

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