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DSI ApexPaste BIO

DSI Apex Paste Bio is a light-cure single-component paste. It is reinforced with tricalcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite. The calcium ion release and hydroxyapatite stimulation ability make it ideal for direct and indirect pulp capping and as a protective liner. And it for accelerated formation of the dentine bridge. It is an ideal protective liner under composites, amalgams, cement, and other base materials. The alkaline PH promotes the pulp vitality and helps the overall rehabilitation process. DSI Apex Paste Bio is extremely versatile and can be used with all etch techniques, such as self-, selective-, and total-etch for optimal bonding and finishing of the restoration.

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DSI Apex Paste Bio forms a protective barrier to protect the pulp from thermal changes and works as an insulating agent. The paste contains barium zirconate for better radiopacity and biocompatibility. DSI Apex Paste Bio saves working time. It can be directly applied to the pulp exposure and be used as a liner in the same prep, with no need for two separate products.

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DSI Apex Paste Bio works as a base liner under composites, amalgams, cement, and other base materials. It can be used as a sealer for deep carious cavities and fissures. It is light cured which allows immediate placement of restorative material. DSI Apex Paste Bio's special characteristics include a quick curing time with strong stability afterward. It offers great protection for exposed pulp tissue and provides great results and convenient use.

Using DSI Apex Paste Bio is an effortless and uncomplicated process since it is already equipped with a pre-loaded syringe. It not only prevents material from going to waste but also helps to reduce chair time. No mixing is necessary, eliminating the mess associated with other products. It has high compressive strength and can be used for:

• For direct and indirect pulp capping
• Protective liner under composites, amalgams, cement, and other base materials
• Sealer for deep carious cavities


• Ready to use one component material
• Time-saving
• Fluoride-releasing
• Acid protection during the total-etch process
• Effective pulp protection
• Exceptional adhesion to composites
• Low solubility in oral fluids
• Helps formation of secondary dentine
• Easy to place
• High compressive strength

APEX-BIO: ApexPaste BIO 2g syringe + 5 Tips

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