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DSI Apex Paste Calcium Hydroxide

DSI Apex Paste Calcium Hydroxide is a special solution used in endodontics for root canal treatment. It is an antibacterial premixed paste composed of water base Calcium Hydroxide and barium sulfate, which makes it easy to clean and remove as it is water-soluble. This product stands out as its radiopacity ensures easy visualization under X-ray imaging during the process. It is designed to provide patients sensitive to iodoform with the same root canal treatment without causing any discomfort. Not only can this be implemented in apexification procedures, but also in chronic periodontitis and injured pulp regeneration and pulpitis on both permanent or underdeveloped teeth.

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The antibacterial effect of the DSI ApexPaste structure is enhanced due to its elevated calcium hydroxide content, forming an alkaline environment. This not only helps protect against bacteria but also encourages pulp regeneration and promotes secondary dentin growth. In addition, it also can dissolve organic tissue, making it ideal for management at the canal apex.

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DSI ApexPaste Calcium Hydroxide paste is commonly used for treatments like apexification and root resorption, this substance is praised for its antimicrobial capacity due to its high pH and destruction of bacterial cell walls.

Despite its controversial antimicrobial effect, calcium hydroxide is widely used in numerous endodontic treatment modalities. Its biological and therapeutic properties make it a favorite choice for pulp therapy. Studies have shown that calcium hydroxide can be successfully applied to intracanal medicaments, root canal sealers, weeping canals, perforation management, and root resorption.


• Initially bactericidal effect then bacteriostatic
• Supports healing and repair
• High pH stimulates fibroblasts
• Stops internal resorption
• Counteracts low pH of acids
• Safe and simple to use, no contra-indications
• Perfect for temporary root filling
• Pulp capping
• Pulp protection
• It offers insulation in deep cavities
• Delivers bactericidal impact on carious dentine
• Paste brought to root apex delivers pulp insulation

APEX-C-3G: DSI ApexPaste, Syringe 3g
DSI ApexPaste, 2x Syringe 3g

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