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Endo Organizer

DSI Endo File Organizer is a perfect solution for your endo files. It is made of a special plastic polymer material that can withstand multiple autoclave cycles. It is truly a unique organizer because it can keep your files safe, sterile, and ready to use, all in one. When you use the DSI Endo File Organizer you understand right away why it is so good. It gives you peace of mind, convenience, and ease of use, and it saves you a lot of time. You can use this organizer as a whole or divide it into separate compartments. It is very easy to sterilize the endo files and then keep them as a whole in a drawer or on a shelf. And it is extremely convenient that you do not have to expose all of your endo files at once and you can use separate compartments for individual treatments, leaving the rest sterile for future treatments.

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DSI Endo File Organizer does not have any of the defections that were mentioned above. It is the next generation of file organizers for modern dentistry. It can be autoclavable, it can be stored sterile, and used separately each time giving you sterile endo files. There is no risk of contamination for the patient, and thanks to the special material that it is made of, it will serve you for a long time.

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DSI Endo File Organizer is different from the rest of the organizers offered on the market. The most popular organizers are the stainless steel boxes and the foam cushion stands. The issue with these "well-known" organizers is that they are obsolete, they are relics of the past. They are the most popular and they have their own benefits, but unfortunately their droughts overweight their advantages.

The foam cushion stand is cheap and that is mainly its greatest achievement. It is not convenient to use, it cannot be sterilized, and there is a risk of contamination for the patient. Not only that it is not sterile, but when used for a long time the foam can tear off and microscopic particles of this foam can be carried into the root canal with the endo file. This is not only unhygienic but can cause severe damage to the root canal by contaminating it and expose to bacterial infection. The other file organizer which is the stainless steel box is not lacking its own defects and weaknesses. The main problems are that it is not so convenient to use and maintain. Yes, it can be sterilized, but what is the point of doing it if the whole box will be exposed as soon as you open the lid, and all the endo files will be contaminated within seconds? It means that you can sterilize even a hundred endo files and yet they will be foul to use after the first procedure. And of course, there is a severe problem of corrosion. Indeed stainless steel can withstand a lot of autoclave cycles and it has great resistance against corrosion, but unfortunately great does not mean it is immune to it, and as soon as it happened it can be thrown away.


• Clear view and easy access to each individual file
• Made of a special plastic polymer material that can withstand multiple autoclave cycles.
• Convenient, and easy to use.
• Saves a lot of chair time.
• The organizer can be divided into separate compartments.
• Keeps the endo files sterile.
• No risk of contamination.

FILE-ORG: Endo file organizer

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