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DSI ApexSil Powder / Liquid

DSI ApexSil Powder/Liquid is a leading dental material offering remarkable mechanical properties and outstanding radiopacity. It was designed for root canal treatments, featuring exceptional adhesion to the walls as well as reduced polymerization shrinkage. In addition, its antibacterial action helps to avoid infection. The reinforcing agent is integrated into ApexSil powder instead of liquid to improve mixing qualities. The composition of the product is tolerant towards tissues, not causing any adverse reactions. All that makes it a dependable filling material for root canals which enables convenient application meeting all your dental restoration requirements. It has outstanding dimensional stability and low solubility for a sturdy, safe seal.

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DSI ApexSil Powder/Liquid contains dioxide, zirconium oxide, amine hardening agents, plasticizers, and color pigment. It stands out due to its remarkable radiopacity properties and can be applied for the long-term sealing of root canals with point materials such as gutta-percha, silver, or titanium.

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DSI ApexSil is an exceptional material that can provide many benefits when used. It features superb mechanical attributes, a high level of radiopacity, and close adherence to dentin and root canal walls. Additionally, this product has low shrinkage during polymerization, great solubility and strong bactericidal effect.

After setting, the result is an inert amino polymer with good adhesion, low solubility, and no toxic effect on the tissues. The root canal is now effectively and hermetically sealed. Working time at room temperature is about 2-4 hours. Hardening time inside the canal is about 8-24 hours.


• Radiopaque
• Outstanding dimensional stability and low solubility for a sturdy, safe seal
• Biologically inactive
• Non-staining for teeth
• The thermoplastic ability allows easy removal
• Exceptionally fast
• Lasting obturation of root canals of teeth together with root canal points
• It could be used with gutta-percha, silver, and metal points.

ASIL-PL : DSI ApexSil Powder 20g + Liquid 10ml

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