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ApexSil RC

DSI Apexsil RC stands as a prominent dental material, renowned for its extraordinary mechanical attributes and exceptional radiopacity. This root canal sealer, based on a non-resorbable zinc oxide-Eugenol formula, has been ingeniously developed for root canal treatments. Not only does it exhibit remarkable adhesion to the canal walls, but it also effectively minimizes polymerization shrinkage. The remarkable DSI Apexsil RC formula boasts excellent tissue compatibility and offers powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, its potent antibacterial capabilities effectively ward off potential infections.

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DSI ApexSil RC material offers a multitude of advantages in various applications. With its outstanding mechanical properties, exceptional radiopacity, and precise adhesion to dentin and root canal walls, this product is truly one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, it boasts minimal shrinkage during polymerization, excellent solubility, and a potent bactericidal effect.

Product Details

All that makes DSI ApexSil RC a dependable filling material for root canals which enables convenient application meeting all your dental restoration requirements. DSI ApexSil RC is a two-part base/catalyst-powder liquid system, that is mixed in equal portions. Then, the mixture is carried to the root canal with endodontic obturation points or directly dispensed in the root canal.

Unlike conventional methods, the reinforcing agent is cleverly incorporated into the ApexSil powder, enhancing its mixing capabilities. With exceptional dimensional stability and minimal solubility, this sealant ensures a robust and secure seal.

DSI Apexsil RC is used for:

• As permanent root canal filling material
• Root canal filling and sealing with gutta-percha points

Technical information:

• Working time: 25min
• Setting time: 45-60min
• Radiopacity: 3-6mm
• Film thickness: <50µm
• Solubility: <3%
• Flow: 17mm


• Radiopaque
• Outstanding dimensional stability and low solubility for a sturdy, safe seal
• Biologically inactive
• Non-staining for teeth
• The thermoplastic ability allows easy removal
• Exceptionally fast
• Lasting obturation of root canals of teeth together with root canal points
• It could be used with gutta-percha, silver, and metal points

ASIL-RC: ApexSil RC Sealer Powder-Liquid 15g + 10ml

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