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3d Intraoral Scan Spray

DSI 3D Intraoral Scan Spray is the perfect solution for dental restoration needs. The spray allows getting an extremely thin, uniform layer with a thickness of under 3 microns. DSI 3D Intraoral Scan Spray provides superior accuracy and precision for both intraoral scanning and restorations, giving you the best possible results every time. DSI 3D Intraoral Scan Spray provides the most reliable solution for your dental restoration needs. With the help of the DSI 3D Intraoral Scan Spray, you can achieve extraordinary scans giving your patients beautifully precise restorations. with every application. This versatile and easy-to-use scan spray is designed to offer unmatched accuracy and speed, making it ideal for any dental restoration job.

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DSI Intraoral Scan Spray can be applied for both direct and indirect scans. The 75ml canister is economical, convenient, and long-lasting. This top-of-the-line product helps you to quickly and accurately capture detailed images of your patient’s dental anatomy in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional methods.

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DSI Oral Scan Spray is now available for dental restoration. This advanced CAD/CAM system utilizes an ultra-thin coating to create a 3D image of the patient's teeth and gums. This spray is specifically designed to simplify and enhance the process of dental restoration.

DSI Intraoral Scan Spray can be used for Intraoral surface matting of teeth and crowns before digital optical imprints. Intraoral fit and friction control of denture and extraoral matting of a dental plaster model before lab-side scanning.


• Finest quality intraoral scan spray
• Improves scanning accuracy and detail
• Extremely thin, uniform powder layer, under 3 microns
• Immediate drying
• Pale white colour and mint scent
• Replaceable extra-long application nozzle with non-clogging micro tip
• Economical and easy to apply in the 2.5 oz (75ml)

DF-11147med: DSI scan spray canister of 75ml

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