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Hard Liner

Worn dentures can cause a lot of trouble to any patient, and even cause damage to the gums and soft tissue, which is unacceptable and should be fixed. That is why it is always better to fix and realign worn dentures with the right material. DSI Hard Liner denture reline material is a perfect cost-effective option for patients who want a long-lasting solution for relining dentures without a completely brand-new fitting. DSI Hard Liner is a new-generation, state-of-the-art acrylic hard relining material. DSI Hard Liner is a perfect choice when that offers long-lasting results and remains clean over a long time. This is a perfect way for your patients to keep their daily routine as usual and enjoy renewed dentures.

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DSI Hard Liner is a self-cured, hard-relining, pink gingival-colored, material that is specially formulated to set quickly for chairside use. It is perfect for durable long-term relines, repairs, and for additions to the borders of full or partial acrylic dentures. Will provide support for over 24 months, with proper patient care.

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With DSI Hard Denture Reliner you can make an impression of the exact shape of the gums. It is very important when the denture is already worn off and the borders on the denture are wider than the patient's gums. If necessary you can apply the soft reline material afterward to give your patient maximum comfort for the denture.

DSI Hard Liner is designed as a permanent reline material that lasts much longer than a soft reline. A hard reline will fill the denture as a putty-like material that conforms to the contours of the patient's mouth creating an accurate impression. It is then processed in a laboratory and adjusted to the new shape of the patient's gum tissue. It results in maximum contact between the denture and the patient's mouth.


• Fast and easy to use
• Specially formulated for reduced heat production
• Completely self-cure in the patient's mouth
• Can be trimmed and polished just like the original denture
• Last much longer than a soft denture reline

RD128XH: DSI Hard Liner Kit includes - Powder 2 x 50g + Liquid 100ml + Bonding Primer 30ml + accessories

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