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Ultrasil Reline

People who wear dentures notice that over time their removable appliances just wear off and do not fit properly anymore. At that point, they usually need their dentures to be readjusted and that is when they will bring their dentures for relining procedures. And even if you are not the one that made the original denture in the first place it is still a great idea to be able to help the patient and fix the dentures. DSI Ultrasil Reline material is used to repair dentures that no longer fit or are worn too much. DSI Ultrasil Reline is a soft denture relining material without an unpleasant odor or taste and strong adhesion, great durability, and exceptional resistance to tear and abrasion. It can be quickly applied to the denture and easily repair for further use.

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DSI Ultrasil Reline is a perfect relining solution. It is a silicone-based soft reline material that combines great flexibility and resilience. It does not need to be mixed because it comes in an automix cartridge which makes the procedure faster and simpler and delivers fixed dentures in only one visit.

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DSI Ultrasil Reline absorbs less liquid and moisture than similar materials. It makes the reline much more resistant to stains and odors and keeps the whole integrity for a longer period of time. DSI Ultrasil Reline has a translucent pink color that provides a natural, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing appearance for the patient. The auto-dispensing cartridge of DSI Ultrasil Reline helps you to use less material than the hand-mixing alternatives and not waste it. DSI Ultrasil Reline provides quick preparation and efficient working times allowing quick and easy relining of dentures.

Denture relining using DSI Ultrasil Reline resolves the need for complete replacement of the denture. It also helps with sores, irritation, and general discomfort that patients feel when their dentures are worn off. DSI Ultrasil Reline improves chewing function and resolves slurs, lisps, and other speech difficulties that can be caused by an inappropriate denture. Using a reline material is also a lot less expensive than entirely new dentures which can be really helpful for a lot of patients to come by with. DSI Ultrasil Reline is a very durable and aesthetic solution that has great wear resistance and can remain for more than a year if properly taken care of.


• Comfortable operating time/setting time ratio
• Easy handling
• Direct application to the denture
• Strong adhesion
• Amazing tear strength
• Non-sticky
• Very smooth
• Easy to polish
• Permanently soft with long-term durability
• Easily trimmed with a rotary cutter

US-RL50: Ultrasil reline material in automix cartridge of 50 ml
A-PRIMER: Acrylic primer for reline material 10 ml

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