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Panoramic Bur Stand

DSI Panoramic Bur Stand is made from a special plastic material making it a unique and sturdy storage device. designed especially for various shanks - RA(latch), FG(turbine), HP (straight/micro motor) and separated into different tray areas designed for each one. DSI Panoramic Bur Stand includes a convenient accessory drawer with adjustable compartments for clamps, polishers, discs, wedges, etc. DSI Panoramic Bur Stand is intended to keep all your drills, burs, or cutters. All your tools are comfortably placed under one lid. It is a space-saving organizer that can fit easily in any corner of your office. It is very simple to dismantle and it is possible to clean the parts of the organizer individually.

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Easy Maintenance of the DSI Panoramic Bur Stand is guaranteed thanks to the cradle and open back design, which allows drainage and ventilation of the tool shafts. It speeds up drying time and prevents corrosion of the instruments. It has specially separated sections that help to organize the tools and clear visibility.

Product Details

The organizer is panoramic which allows for a clear view and easy and convenient access to all the tools. The removable tool tray is suitable for sterilization in the autoclave (up to 135 °C). Non-skid pads.

It is a convenient and economic solution for organizing dental instruments and keeping them clean and dry. Two options are available, one is autoclavable and one is regular that can be cold sterilized.


• Improve workflow and efficiency.
• Clear view and easy access
• Adjustable accessory drawer
• Ventilated tool shafts and cradle
• Detachable protective cover
• Non-skid pads
• Autoclave-safe tray up to 135 °C (optional only for PANORAMIC-BURR-ORG)
• Parts of the organizer can be cleaned individually

PANORAMIC-BURR-ORG: Autoclavable bur stand
PANORAMIC-BUR-ORG: Regular bur stand (cold sterilization)

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