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Spacer Stumpflack & Thinner

DSI Die Spacer Stumpflack, known as the Dental compensating varnish, can be used to create a partial balance of contraction when making single-cast dentures. Additionally, it can serve as an intermediate layer on the gypsum model of the stump in order to form a space between the cement and teeth. The unique composition of the DSI Die Spacer Stumpflack ensures an outstanding uniform coating with each application. Every intricate detail and angle of preparation is featured in the finished product, thanks to precise film thickness control. DSI Die Spacer Stumpflack resists pressurized steam, scratching, and chipping. The consistently uniform film thickness guarantees reliable results with every application.

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DSI Die Spacer Stumpflack is a colored coating that allows for the desired distance between the dental restoration and the patient's tooth. This extra level of thickness, created by using DSI Die Spacer Stumpflack, provides an appropriate space in which to secure cementation materials.

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DSI Die Spacer Stumpflack comes in 4 different distinct shades, each with its own individual depth to meet the necessary specifications. In some cases, more than one application might be needed to achieve the appropriate layer thickness. DSI Die Spacer Stumpflack can work with both precious and non-precious metals and can handle wax dipping efficiently. The film thickness of one layer of varnish Die Spacer is silver – 7µm, gold – 10µm, red – 12µm and blue – 15µm.

DSI Die Spacer Stumpflack Thinner is a special solution that adjusts the consistency of DSI Die Spacers, resulting in higher quality and longevity of the material. The thinning agent enables technicians to reach the desired viscosity for models and dies, which helps with sealing, hardening, and reinforcing them without altering their dimensions. It works from the inside out in order to give you the perfect results without adding a dimension-changing layer.


• Resists chipping and flaking from the die
• Increases abrasion rsistance
• Provides controlled application
• Reduces application time
• Reduces waste while sustaining quality and performance
• Chemically bonds to the “Conditioned” sealed surface of the die
• Dries to a hard, durable surface
• Has excellent flow qualities producing a smooth, lump-free surface

DSPACE-S: DSI Die Spacer Bottle of 25ml Silver (7μ)
DSI Die Spacer Bottle of 25ml Gold (10μ)
DSI Die Spacer Bottle of 25ml Red (12μ)
DSI Die Spacer Bottle of 25ml Blue (15μ)
DSI Die Spacer Bottle of 25ml Thinner

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