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Repio Liner

DSI Repio Liner is a soft denture relining material without an unpleasant odor or taste and strong adhesion, great durability, and exceptional resistance to tear and abrasion. It can be quickly applied to the denture and easily repair for further use. It is a non-irritating to gums, temporary soft denture reline material. Denture relining using DSI Repio Liner resolves the need for complete replacement of the denture. It also helps with sores, irritation, and general discomfort that patients feel when their dentures are worn off. DSI Repio Liner improves chewing function and resolves slurs, lisps, and other speech difficulties that can be caused by an inappropriate denture. DSI Repio Liner contains enough material for at least 6 full denture applications.

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DSI Repio Liner is a self-curing temporary soft reline material offering long-lasting relief and great comfort to patients with receded, flattened, or sore gum tissues. DSI Repio Liner is a silicone-based soft reline material that combines great flexibility and resilience.

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Dentures that have been worn for a long period of time with minimal rest have a tendency to lead to irritation of the soft tissues, depriving them of blood supply and also leading to resorption of the supporting bony foundation. Soft tissues beneath the dentures suffer deformation. As a consequence, the dentures tend to loosen. That is why it is really important to maintain dentures in the best possible condition all the time.

DSI Repio Liner is useful for relieving pressure areas and providing support and cushioning to gums and soft tissues. DSI Repio Liner makes the relined dentures much more resistant to stains and odors and keeps the whole integrity for a longer period of time. DSI Repio Liner has a translucent pink color that provides a natural, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing appearance for the patient. It provides quick preparation and efficient working times allowing quick and easy relining of dentures.


• Easy to mix.
• Fully elastic and resilient for the treatment of painful ridge areas.
• Easily removed when needed for quick follow-up treatment.
• Self-adhesive - Allowing additions to be made.

DIY-SL: Repio Liner Powder 30g + Liquid 20ml + accessories

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