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Ball Attachment Basic Kit

The DSI ball attachment mini-kit is the perfect option for a variety of restorative cases. This kit consists of a straight ball attachment with both a silicone cap and titanium housing. It offers an effortless solution to ensure the best outcome in Overdentures, All-on-4s, or All-on-6s. Designed to be exceptionally biocompatible, the construction of DSI Ball attachments consists of a strong monoblock titanium body. They are placed into implants and connected to dentures with a clever silicone caps system that is able to absorb movements during regular wear. This enables the greatest level of comfort for users. It is a great solution for a large variety of partial or completely edentulous cases.

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Ball attachment's remarkable mechanism maintains the dentures for a much longer period of time without replacing the caps or the attachments themselves. It also offers self-positioning to the whole structure and more stability during everyday usage. Unlike other attachments, the entire body of the ball attachment can be hidden under the gums, by delivering the highest level of aesthetics.

Product Details

Ball attachment's system allows a simple and easy use by the patient. After the installation of the denture, the overall maintenance could be done at home without constant appointments with the attending dentist.

Ball attachments exhibit excellent pivoting ability, which is good for the patient natural chewing motion and especially critical for non-fully parallel implant placement divergence correction.

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 30-35 Ncm for the Ball attachments.

Basic kit includes 1 ball attachment, 1 silicone cap (standard retention 1.8kg), and 1 titanium housing

*Narrow* - Narrow platform 2.0mm internal hex connection - for narrow implant 3.0mm
*Regular* -
Regular platform 2.42mm internal hex connection


• Easy to work with
• Internal hex connection
• Solid titanium grade 5 body
• 2.5mm universal sphere diameter
• Fit 1.25mm, regular prosthetic universal driver
• Suitable for all-on-4/all-on-6 and partial denture restorations.
• The retention mechanism is based on the newly designed friction-retentive grip with a defined withdrawal force.
• Functional and easy application.
• Solid one-piece structure for more durability and stability.
• Precise, permanent retention.
• Compact design for a high level of wearing comfort and ease of cleaning.
• Easy maintenance by the patient.
• Excellent aesthetic results.
• Biological compatibility.

BSBA05, BSBA10, BSBA20, BSBA30, BSBA40, BSBA50, BSBA60, BSBA70: Straight ball attachment basic kit (collar height 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0mm) *Regular*
BSBA10S, BSBA20S, BSBA30S, BSBA40S, BSBA50S, BSBA60S: Straight ball attachment basic kit (collar height 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0mm)*Narrow*

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