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Zirconia Abutment

A hybrid zirconia abutment is a perfect replacement for any metal abutment. It is known for its extraordinary strength and durability that could last for a long period of time. The greatest advantage is that zirconia abutment enables unique aesthetic results which cannot be achieved by any other metal abutments. Zirconia abutment is ultimately white and allows amazing aesthetic results and natural tooth color for the restorations. It has no grayish reflection typical of metal abutments. DSI zirconia abutment is made as a monoblock zirconium body established on a titanium hexagonal base. Due to its unsurpassed biocompatibility, life-like color, and excellent mechanical properties, zirconia abutment is a new-generation choice for high-end aesthetic restorations.

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DSI zirconia abutments are made as a hybrid structure to comply with the highest standards in dentistry. Such a design drastically improves the novel stability and connection to the titanium implants.

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Zirconia is highly resistant to any kind of intra-oral acids which guarantees a long-lasting restoration and patient peace of mind. Zirconia abutments do not fade or dim and maintain their original pure white intensity, through restoration's full life cycle.

• Ability to be sterilized without degradation in mechanical properties or biocompatibility.
• Compatibility with X-ray, MRI and CT imaging without producing artifacts.
• Excellent mechanical properties such as stiffness and durability similar to the titanium.
• High compressive strength.
• Natural color for excellent aesthetics.

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 25 Ncm.

Zirconia abutments are known for their incredible capacity to withhold a vast amount of pressure and still be able to generate impeccable stability for a long-term restoration without disengaging, breaking, or cracking. Zirconium material is widely used in dentistry for a long period of time and has proven to be the best for aesthetics and strength.


• Perfect fit between implant and abutment.
• Reduction of micro-movements.
• Resistance to debris and bacteria.
• No screw loosening.
• Highest attachment of the gum tissues around the abutment.
• Resistance to breakage, and cracks.

SZSA-N: Straight zirconia abutment *Narrow*
SZSA: Straight zirconia abutment *Regular*
SZAA15-N: Angulated zirconia abutment 15° narrow platform internal hex 2.0mm for implant 3.0mm
SZAA15: Angulated zirconia abutment 15° collar 1.5mm *Regular*
SZAA15-2: Angulated zirconia abutment 15° collar 2.0mm *Regular*
SZAA15-3: Angulated zirconia abutment 15° collar 3.0mm *Regular*
SZAA25-2: Angulated zirconia abutment 25° collar 2.0mm *Regular*
SZAA25-3: Angulated zirconia abutment 25° collar 3.0mm *Regular*

*Narrow* - Narrow platform 2.0mm internal hex connection - for narrow implant 3.0mm
*Regular* - Regular platform 2.42mm internal hex connection

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The zirconia abutment structure features an excellent choice for great aesthetic results and maximum comfort. It is an extraordinary combination of strength, aesthetics, and simplicity in use.