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Next-Gen Multi-Unit

The DSI Next-Gen multi-unit system is engineered to provide uncompromised results for veracity edentulous cases, as well as partial and full dentures. By adhering to the top standards of modern dentistry, it offers both predictable results and enhanced aesthetics. This system stands out amongst competitors as it meets the highest standards of contemporary dental practice. The key is the meticulous construction of the multi-unit system, which allows all parts to fit together with pinpoint accuracy and precision. Therefore, enables the capability of providing a speedy and efficient restoration process in even the most demanding circumstances. All the pieces are compatible with a regular 1.25mm abutment driver, with no need for any additional expensive equipment.

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The screw geometry and thickness (thread M1.7) were carefully designed and optimized to allow safe tightening and long service. Special attention must be paid while tightening the screw. Make sure to use an original DSI 1.25 hex key with edges that do not show wear. It is recommended to purchase additional screws.

Product Details

DSI Next-Gen multi-unit unique design provides the most advantageous soft tissue contouring. The low-profile abutment can be inserted into a shallow or deep tissue with no need for readjusting. DSI Next-Gen multi-unit system made with the highest degree of accuracy. All the parts fit each other with exceptional veracity, thanks to the thorough examination of every component by a leading team of qualified professionals‍

DSI Next-Gen multi-unit abutments could be inserted directly into the implant for any screw-retained restoration. A broad spectrum of screw-retained supra structures is available for this multi-unit system presenting additional possibilities for each patient's specific individual case. DSI Next-gen Multi-Unit abutment is one of the only systems that allows torquing the restoration to 30 Ncm, including angulated versions. This ensures the stability of the restoration.

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 30-35 Ncm for the multi unit abutments. 20Ncm is recommended for the suprastractures.

Multi-unit straight single abutments come with an integrated screw. Angulated single abutments come with a fixation screw and holder.

All the Next-Gen multi-unit abutments are presented in a regular platform 2.42mm internal hex connection


• Highest quality material.
• Ingenious design.
• Surgical efficiency.
• Ease of use.
• Superior aesthetic results.
• Comfort for the patient during and after treatment.
• Made of the highest quality titanium Grade 5, it provides the best results and allows biological compatibility.
• Accurate results every time.
• Easy and convenient to use, including all parts.
• Stability and durability are guaranteed for a long period of time.
• Great results in partial and full dentures restorations.

MUS-10, MUS-20, MUS-30, MUS-40: Straight abutment
GAMU-1710, GAMU-1720, GAMU-1730: Angulated abutment 17°
GAMU-3010, GAMU-3020, GAMU-3030: Angulated abutment 30°
GAMU-4510: Angulated abutment 45°

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