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Multi-Unit 1.4M

DSI Multi-unit 1.4M is compatible with Nobel Biocare® prosthetic connection 1.4M. The abutment is built in a special way that allows the restoration of a single crown. DSI's multi-unit 1.4M is the ultimate and most advanced multi-unit solution in the world. The system represents the highest quality in the world, with ingenious design, surgical efficiency, ease of use, excellent aesthetic results, and comfort for the patient during and after treatment. Multi-unit 1.4M angulated abutments come with an angle selection of up to 60° which allows overcoming implant divergence for up to 120° in all directions for perfect parallel alignment. DSI's multi-unit system is suitable for all types of restorations, from a few teeth to a complete jaw.

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With the 1.4M multi-unit system from DSI, a variety of straight and angulated abutments are available, featuring angles of 17°, 30°, 45°, 52° and 60° along with different heights. This system ensures that every treatment is concluded with optimal results as well as outstanding aesthetics.

Product Details

The DSI 1.4M multi-unit system is an ideal choice for the restoration of edentulous cases, as it offers options for partial and full dentures restorations. This innovative abutment enables a screw-retained restoration to be fixed directly onto the implant, with a wide array of supra structures available that can meet almost any patient's needs. The system was specifically designed to provide successful outcomes in challenging cases where other solutions may not have been possible.

The DSI multi-unit 1.4M system offers a unique and advanced design that yields advantageous soft tissue contouring results. Its special low-profile anatomical shape abutment is capable of entering shallow or deep tissue without extra remodeling and enables faster healing for the gums. The special angles 52 and 60°, gives you maximum control over the restoration when used in conjunction with the DSI Zygomatic Implant System - all of which results in an ideal outcome with minimal effort.

Torque Recommendation:
Could be hand-tightened using a 1.25 mm hex, used with a driver or a motor mount with a 30-35 Ncm force for the multi-unit abutments, and 20 Ncm is recommended for the superstructures.


• Highest quality material.
• Ingenious design.
• Surgical efficiency.
• Ease of use.
• Superior aesthetic results.
• Comfort for the patient during and after treatment.
• Made of the highest quality titanium Grade 5, it provides the best results and allows biological compatibility.
• Accurate results every time.
• Easy and convenient to use, including all parts.
• Stability and durability are guaranteed for a long period of time.
• Great results in partial and full dentures restorations.
• Compatible with Nobel Biocare® prosthetic connection 1.4M.
• Allows the restoration of a single crown.
• An angle selection of up to 60° and height selection on up to 5mm collar gives maximum freedom to the surgeon and prosthetist to perform the restoration.

MUA-NO-10, MUA-NO-20, MUA-NO-30, MUA-NO-40, MUA-NO-50: Straight multi-unit 1.4M
Abutment position holder
MUA-NO-1720, MUA-NO-1730, MUA-NO-1740, MUA-NO-1750:
Angulated multi-unit 17° 1.4M
MUA-NO-3020, MUA-NO-3030, MUA-NO-3040, MUA-NO-3050:
Angulated multi-unit 30° 1.4M
MUA-NO-4520, MUA-NO-4530, MUA-NO-4540, MUA-NO-4550:
Angulated multi-unit 45° 1.4M
Angulated multi-unit 52° 1.4M
Angulated multi-unit 60° 1.4M

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