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Next-Gen Multi-Unit Parts

DSI Next-Gen multi-unit has been developed mainly for the restoration of compromised edentulous cases and it meets the highest standards of modern dentistry in both predictable results and a high degree of aesthetics. The next-Gen multi-unit system shows excellent results in partial and full dentures restorations. This multi-unit system is made with the highest accuracy and precision, with all its parts fitting with each other perfectly. All this attention to detail enables us to guarantee a swift and smooth restoration process even in the most difficult cases. All the pieces are compatible with a regular 1.25mm abutment driver, with no need for any additional expensive equipment.

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DSI's Next-Gen Multi-Unit system allows a large variety of different parts and accessories. transfers, analogs, digital CAD/CAM, castable and titanium sleeves, and more. All the items are made of the highest quality materials and designed with 100% compatibility between the multi-unit itself and the additional parts.

Product Details

DSI Next-Gen multi-unit abutments could be inserted directly into the implant for any screw-retained restoration. A broad spectrum of screw-retained supra structures is available for this multi-unit system presenting additional possibilities for each patient's specific individual case. DSI Next-gen Multi-Unit abutment is one of the only systems that allows torquing the restoration to 30 Ncm, including angulated versions. This ensures the stability of the restoration.

DSI Next-Gen multi-unit system made with the highest degree of accuracy. All the parts fit each other with exceptional veracity, thanks to the thorough examination of every component by a leading team of qualified professionals.

Torque Recommendation:
Hand-tighten using a 1.25 mm hex. driver or a motor mount with a force of 30-35 Ncm for the multi unit abutments. 20Ncm is recommended for the suprastractures.


• Made of the highest quality titanium Grade 5, it provides the best results and allows biological compatibility.
• Accurate results every time.
• Easy and convenient to use, including all parts.
• Stability and durability are guaranteed for a long period of time.
• Great results in partial and full dentures restorations.
• Ingenious design.
• Surgical efficiency.
• Ease of use.
• Superior aesthetic results.

MU-S-LT: long screw for transfer
MU-S-ST: short screw for transfer
MU-S-OT: open tray transfer
MU-S-AN: titanium analog
MU-S-HC: healing cap
MU-S-TS: titanium sleeve abutment
MU-S-SP: castable sleeve abutment
MU-S-PT: snap-on closed transfer
SP-DS2: scan post abutment
TB-DS3: ti-base for multi-unit
MU-BAT: ball attachment connector
MU-S-MX: fixation long screw
MU-S-FX: fixation short screw
MUIH: metal position holder

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