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K-Bar Attachment

DSI K-Bar attachment has the smallest size of gingiva height on the market. It is so small that it is hardly seen above the gum level. The such small measure gives outstanding aesthetics and extreme durability and stability over time. It can be used in any given clinical scenario which requires a partial or complete overdenture restoration. The tiny dimension makes it uniquely suitable for tight places with limited space. The K-Bar attachment is the ideal choice for overdentures and can be installed as all-on-4 or all-on-6 like most varieties of other attachments. It guarantees a secure fit between the implant. minimizes micro-movements and provides an extremely tight marginal seal. It is an effective, simple, and convenient solution for long-term usage.

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K-Bar attachment is a fantastic tool for maintaining dentures for a very long period of time without replacing the attachments themselves or the additional components. Also, the upkeep of the dentures is done by the patient at home, which is very convenient.

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DSI K-Bar attachment is great for straight non angulated cases where implants are parallel to each other. The large contact surface and stable structure is creating a stable and more durable restoration than other types of overdenture attachments.

• K-Bar Attachment is the lowest attachment on the market which gives an advantage in cases of limited space.
• A low profile reduces the load on implants.
• Excellent grip and high dimensional stability of the prosthesis provide security to the patient.
• DSI K-Bar Attachment is more suitable for the elderly population.
• The durability of the DSI K-Bar Attachment reduces the need for repeated patient visits.

K-Bar attachment is used with titanium housing and elastic retention caps during treatment. The whole structure delivers superb durability and thanks to the straight and steady attachment's placement the silicone caps do not wear off for a very long period of time, compared to any other attachment on the market.


MB-K: K-Bar Attachment
K-Bar Attachment Basic Kit
K-Bar Attachment Caps Ring and Housing Kit

Basic kit includes 1 K-Bar attachment, 1 standard silicone cap and 1 titanium housing. Full kit includes  1 K-Bar attachment, 1 silicone ring, 1 titanium housing, and 4 silicone caps of different retention.
The K-Bar attachment is presented in a regular platform 2.42mm internal hex connection.

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K-Bat attachments are perfect for aesthetically stable and durable overdenture restorations. They are comfortable and convenient to use by the dentist and simple to take care of by patients.